Kindergarteners stretch bodies, minds at development seminar


Hundreds of young Pattaya children stretched their bodies and minds at the two-day Primary School Students Development seminar in Pattaya.

The 301 kindergarten 2 and 3 students from Pattaya’s public schools, Wat Chaimongkol Child Development Center, Wat Suttawas Child Development Center and Rodfai School took over the Eastern National Indoor Stadium Feb. 5-6 for individual and team art, writing, singing, and dancing activities.

Organizers said the 200,000-baht event was meant to promote cognitive development of primary-school students, build their confidence, exercise, behavior skills and teamwork. Winners in each game also were awarded cash scholarships.

Kindergarten 3 students take to the stage for the team dancing contest.Kindergarten 3 students take to the stage for the team dancing contest.

The Kindergarten 2 students, age 5, carried out their activities the first day, engaging in drawing, beading, clip art, and handwriting activities individually and clay modeling and dancing together.

The Kindergarten 3 pupils, age 6, continued the next day by making pictures from geometric shapes, drawing, origami, story-telling through media, handwriting, and singing individually. Team exercises included clay modeling and a music contest.

The kids from Wat Chaimongkol won the Kindergarten 3 team dance contest, splitting 2,500 baht. Second place went to Pattaya School No. 5 for 2,000 baht and third to Wat Suttawas for 1,500 baht.

The Kindergarten 3 singing contest was won by Sasithorn Tunsaeng from Pattaya School No. 7, who took home 500 baht. The 400-baht second place went to Benyapha Yunchaiyapoom from School No. 9 and 300-baht third place to Anunchida Saenthasuk from School No. 6.

Nasreeya Matang from Rodfai won the Kindergarten 3 media storytelling contest, with Saharat Chaiyakhum from Wat Chaimongkol and Phitchayapa Laphrom from Pattaya School No. 7 placing second and third, respectively.

The Kindergarten 3 geometric-shapes contest was won by Benjaporn from Pattaya School No. 2. Second and third went to Rattanan Weeranan from Rodfai School Nattapol Wongsri from Wat Chaimongkol.

The Kindergarten 3 handwriting winners were Iraya Wernmaha from Pattaya School No. 2, Suchada Phathong of School No. 8 and Thonawat Silpthawornkul from Wat Chaimongkol.

The Kindergarten 3 origami winners were Riktoria Seek from Wat Chaimongkol, Phujira Thuprakhon from Wat Suttawas and Phitchayapa Laphrom from Pattaya School No. 7.

Rodfai School won the Kindergarten 3 team writing contest with Pattaya School No. 7 and School No. 5 placing second and third.

No results were available for Kindergarten 2.