Issan Association members prepare for AEC


Members of Pattaya Issan Association learned teamwork skills to prepare them for the ASEAN Economic Community at a training workshop in Pattaya.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome opened the June 16 meeting on “Operational Empowerment of the Executive Committee of Issan Association.”

President Chanthiman Siripotiraksa said the session was aimed at improving members’ skills in working together in the same direction and to support the AEC.

Pattaya Issan Association President Chanthiman Siripotiraksa.Pattaya Issan Association President Chanthiman Siripotiraksa.

The city has been supporting both public and private organizations, associations and clubs in Pattaya with funds and activities to create a variety in tourism. A large number of Issan natives are living and working in various industries in Pattaya. Their culture and way of living are uniquely interesting so the city and the Issan Association wants to work on promoting tourism by presenting tourists with northeastern culture and heritage that contributes to the colorful cultural diversity of Pattaya.