Investigation of commercial surrogacy in Sarapee district

Friday, 29 August 2014 By  NNT

CHIANGMAI, 27 August 2014  - A doctor from Chiangmai Provincial Public Health Office has ordered an investigation into commercial surrogacy in Sarapee district, Chiangmai. He also indicated that there were three hospitals in Chiangmai that were allowed to conduct surrogacy legally. So far, no illegal commercial surrogacy has been identified in the region.

After rumors concerning commercial surrogacy surfaced, in Sarapee district, Chiangmai, Dr Paisarn Tanyavinichkul from Chiangmai Provincial Public Health Office revealed that the situation was being investigated to find out if illegal surrogacy was in fact being conducted. Hospitals in Chiangmai that are permitted to conduct surrogacy legally are Kullapat Clinic in Lanna Hospital, Chiangmai-Ram Hospital and Maharaj Nakorn Chiangmai hospital. Meanwhile, no illegal commercial surrogacy has been uncovered in the local area. Dr Paisarn added that a surrogacy arrangement could not be conducted by a person who is not the parent, or else the enabling doctor and the medical staff would be charged with a felony. In addition, the hospital or clinic involved might be shut down and the hospital license revoked.

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