Europeans drugged & robbed want police to hurry up and solve crime


Two Italian men robbed by women they picked up for in-room massages expressed impatience with police for not immediately finding their unidentified masseuses.

Salvatore Mancuso, 61, and Svaldo Dolcege, 63, complained to the media Sept. 9 about a lack of progress in the investigation into the drugging and robbery that occurred two nights earlier in their hotel on Soi Buakaow.

Salvatore Mancuso and Svaldo Dolcege urge police to hurry up and solve this crime before their holiday is over and they have to return home.Salvatore Mancuso and Svaldo Dolcege urge police to hurry up and solve this crime before their holiday is over and they have to return home.

The Italians told police the two women propositioned them on Beach Road for massages. They accepted, never bothering to get the women’s names. Once back at their rooms, they drank wine coolers purchased by the women and, shortly after, passed out.

They awoke the next night to find their room ransacked and about 600,000 baht in cash and electronics missing, including a 150,000 baht camera.

Salvatore, who said he was a British journalist, and his friend complained to the media, wondering why the women have not yet been caught.  They said they are leaving soon and would like this case wrapped up.

As for evidence, police only have a security camera photo to go on.

  • Phoenix

    I have seen these guys along beach road,explaining to other italians how many ladies they got in Pattaya.
    May be this time,they got the ” wrong ones ” ? !

  • Murray Greenfield

    I hold little hope from the Pattaya Police for the 2 gentlemen drugged and robbed, for in May 2010 I was drugged at around 3:30 in the afternoon in the Coffee Shop on the first floor of the Royal Garden Plaza, by a well dressed “alleged” Business Woman. She said she owned a Jewellery Business in Bangkok and designed her own jewellery and showed me some she was wearing. I don’t remember leaving Royal Garden Plaza or walking some 400 meters to the SCB bank, Withdrawing 10,000 baht from the ATM, let alone then walking 1 k to my room. I woke a day and a half later to find I had a withdrawal slip and 10,000 baht in my walle,t but no ATM card. This “Woman” only 3 minutes after my withdrawal proceed to milk my bank account of 240,000 baht over 2 days. Now why I hold little hope for these men is because as i had a 20,000 daily limit she decided to do 4 ATM transfers totalling 200,000 from my SCB account to her SCB account in 4 minutes. Now you would think that with the banks help he now had her name and address and she would be in arrested in a flash, but no. all he would say when I went on my many visits to find out what was going on was “When You Go Home,”
    I Not Go home, I Live Thailand. And I didn’t get in the paper.
    I must thank the 2 lady Managers, they did everything to help me.

  • newfie

    They had $20,000 in cash in their room ? Duh !!!