Energy Ministry launches ‘Think Energy, Save the Planet’ campaign


The Energy Ministry is recruiting Eastern Seaboard residents to join the nationwide fight to lower Thailand’s energy consumption 25 percent by 2030.

Samuejai Suksumekh, director of the ministry’s Energy Policy and Planning Office, launched the “Think Energy, Save the Planet” campaign Nov. 25 at Pacific Park Robinson’s in Sriracha.

The office was assigned to publicized the ministry’s goal of cutting 2010 energy-consumption levels by a quarter within 17 years.

The campaign is for promotion and sponsoring the efficient and economizing consumption of energy. It is aimed at instilling awareness of conservation so the public realizes the importance of the goal.

Samuejai said energy prices continually rise, pushing the government to campaign for conservation to save money.

The “Think Energy, Save the Planet” campaign already began in the north and central regions, with student groups offering creative ideas on how to conserve energy. The ministry is now accepting applications in the eastern region.