EC says there are legal openings to allow election date rescheduling

Sunday, 22 December 2013 By  NNT

BANGKOK, 20 December 2013 The Election Commission suggested on Thursday the government and the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) engage in dialogue to bring about an end to the political turmoil, so the two sides can agree on an appropriate date for the election, saying the election date can be rescheduled. 

According to the EC, the current differences of opinions of various parties could make it difficult for an election to take place and could also result in chaotic situations after the election. The EC was calling on the administration and the PDRC to find compromises and come up with an appropriate election date, in order to prevent any rejections of the election results.

The EC indicated the scheduled date of February 2, 2014 should not be used to limit the available solutions to the current turmoil. It asserted there are legal openings that allow for the date to be rescheduled, if the government deemed that the date was inappropriate.

However, the EC indicated it was ready to hold a general election on February 2 if the government decides to stick with the date.

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