Drunk, broke and lovelorn, Russian arrested for stealing “white spirits”


A drunken Russian both broke and broken-hearted was arrested for allegedly stealing a bottle of Bangyikhan, a strong rice spirit somewhat like vodka but more harsh, to drown his sorrows.

Vladimir Titov, 49, was detained for police by security guards at the Big C supermarket in North Pattaya April 21. Police found in his backpack a plastic bottle full of Bangyikhan and an empty Bangyikhan bottle hidden inside a small, plastic trash can.

Police have booked Russian Vladimir Titov for stealing…Police have booked Russian Vladimir Titov for stealing…

Guards said they spotted Titov on security cameras acting suspiciously and watched as he entered the changing room, where he stayed for 30 minutes. They asked to search him when he exited, discovering the Bangyikhan taken from an aisle.

Police said Titov confessed to stealing the liquor because he had no money and because his Thai girlfriend had left him. He said drinking was the only way to console himself.

Before being hauled away, the Russian asked police for permission to drink the rest of the bottle. Officers gave him a final swallow before slapping on the cuffs.

Bangyikhan white spirits from Big C North Pattaya.Bangyikhan white spirits from Big C North Pattaya.