Chonburi begins flood-response planning for low-lying districts


Acknowledging that damaging floods are coming to Panthong and Phanat Nikom districts no matter what they do, Chonburi officials have begun planning for the inevitable damage, evacuations and infrastructure repairs expected during the heaviest weeks of the rainy season.

Deputy Gov. Adisak Thepass headed up a meeting of provincial managers, relief groups and utility representatives July 16. He said the two low-lying districts always take the brunt of the province’s flooding during September and October, with storm runoff from Koh Chan, Bothong and Nongyai districts inundating the two districts closest to the Bangpakong River.

Chonburi officials are planning for the inevitable floods coming in September and October.Chonburi officials are planning for the inevitable floods coming in September and October.

No amount of prevention or infrastructure upgrades so far undertaken have stemmed the problem. The water is coming, he said. So now is the time to prepare.

Adisak ordered a response center established that will provide ready-to-eat meals, beverages and utility facilities for flood victims. He also ordered administrators to begin finding temporary storm shelters for displaced residents that can provide adequate amounts of food, clothes and medical supplies.

The deputy governor also said plans need to be laid for restoration and rebuilding of flood-damaged homes, as well as road and bridge repairs by the Chonburi highway, rural roads and improvement offices.

If additional help is needed, requests can be made from the military or Chantaburi’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, he said.