Chinese ladyboy robbed after would-be rapist discovers ‘she’ is ‘he’


Pattaya police are looking for a Thai man who kidnapped and robbed a Chinese transvestite he initially mistook for a female tourist.

Wang Yale, 20, said he had been shopping when he approached a tattooed Thai man, asking where he had the ink done. The Thai offered to take the victim to the shop, but, instead, drove to a secluded area about 100 meters from a Tourist Police box near Pratamnak Hill.

The suspect then punched the Chinese ladyboy in the face, knocking him to the ground in preparation for a sexual assault. The Thai then received an unexpected surprise. The suspect punched the victim again, then robbed him of a Christian Dior handbag worth 4,200 baht that contained 32,000 baht and a mobile phone; and a gold necklace worth 80,000 baht.

Wang walked into Pattaya Tourism Division 4 station to request help. The suspect was not found, but police do have a photo captured by a closed-circuit television camera.

Tourist Police, however, did not report the crime to reporters, fearing more damage to the city’s image in China. The Pattaya Mail, however, discovered the news, forcing police to break their silence.

  • Ted Partridge

    what,s with this so called tourist police not doing their job? just what is their role?