Burmese robbery suspect knocked out by grandpa


A Burmese construction worker who allegedly held a young store clerk at knifepoint was knocked unconscious when the girl’s 70-year-old grandfather stabbed him in the head.

Police found the unidentified suspect, who looked around 18, lying in a pool of blood in the convenience store attached to a house next to Pattaya School No. 6 on Soi 8 Wat Thamsamakkee Feb. 28. He was transported to Banglamung Hospital for treatment of the head wound.

Near the scene police recovered a pocket knife and a pointy, meter-long stick broken in two.

Resident Sunthon Mongkolsart, 70, said he was inside and was keeping an eye on the shop while resting in a bed in the store. Suddenly he heard his granddaughter scream and, upon investigating, found the Burmese man holding a knife to her throat.

She tried to fight away the attacker, but the grandfather ended the fight by slamming the sharp stick into his head, rendering the suspect unconscious.

Police said the suspect is a newly hired construction worker from a site about 20 meters from the house. The employer claimed they had no personal information on him yet, investigators said.

Police were waiting for the suspect to regain consciousness before questioning him.