Burapa Bike Week rolls into Silverlake Vineyard Feb. 15-16


More than 10,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to roll into Pattaya Feb. 15-16 for the annual Burapa Bike Week at Silverlake Vineyard.

The event features a “ride for peace” through the streets of Jomtien Beach and Pattaya. The “Riders for Peace” project also aims to raise awareness about the importance of wearing helmets and promoting peace, unity and friendship among Thai and foreign bikers.

Prasan Nikaji, president of Big Bike Burapa, once again expects a big turnout for this year’s Burapa Bike Week at Silverlake Vineyard next month.Prasan Nikaji, president of Big Bike Burapa, once again expects a big turnout for this year’s Burapa Bike Week at Silverlake Vineyard next month.

Bike Week festivities will continue with a parade of cars, an extreme-sports competition, KR Stunt Thai Championship, a Miss Chopper pageant, booths selling motorcycle and car accessories, and a paramotorcycle exhibition. Bands from Thailand and Scandinavia are slated to entertain festival goers.

Prasan Nikaji, president of Big Bike Burapa, said he has received word that bike groups on three continents will attend. There will be bike groups, classic cars clubs, youth groups and tattoo artists attending as well.

  • Long-Time Pattaya Resident Biker

    Sawasdee Krup Thanachot, As thousands of bikers will again be attending this event, can you please re-confirm the location of the Burapha Bike Week? I have been attending this event for many years, and it is always held on the outdoor grounds of the Pattaya Indoor Stadium on Chaiyapreuk 2. Moving the venue to Silverlake Vineyard, would represent a Major Change…and unless well-publicized in advance as a Major Change of Venue, this change is very likely to cause Major Confusion – and result in many, many lost, and angry bikers. As thousands of bikers from all over Asia attend this fantastic event…please, I am not asking you to do me a favor by carefully confirming this year’s location, I am asking you to confirm the Silverlake Vineyard location for the benefit of all planning on attending. If, in fact, Silverlake Vineyard has been chosen as the 2013 Venue…please re-edit your article and prominently state that for the first time in many years, the Venue has been changed to Silverlake Vineyard. Furthermore, including in that article a Google Map with GPS coordinates would be very helpful for the thousands of non-Pattaya-resident bikers to be able to find Silverlake Vineyard, as it is much further down Sukhumvit, and only a small percentage would even know how to find it. Krup Khun Mak Krap, Long-Time Pattaya Resident Biker

    Ed’s note: It is indeed at Silverlake. For directions and map, please check http://www.facebook.com/events/493154937376425/

  • Long-Time Pattaya Resident Biker

    Sawasdee Krup Khun Thanachot,

    Krup Khun Krap for confirming that Silverlake Vineyard is the new venue for Bike Week, and for everyone’s benefit, thank you for providing a linked map!

    I hope the PattyaMail team starts linking maps (and/or QR Codes) as a standard practice in all articles where location is an important part of the story, and especially for upcoming events.

    Best regards,

    Long-Time Pattaya Resident Biker