Boys who laughed off fortune teller’s prediction of arrest put in cuffs


A pair of teenagers who dismissed a fortune teller’s prediction that they’d be arrested were tossed in jail after police caught them smoking marijuana.

National Command Center for Drugs officers the 15-year-old twin brothers at Aua-athorn Residence in Najomtien Sub-district Aug. 14.

Sattahip District Chief Phawat Lertmukda said police received a tip that the boys had been smoking grass and, under questioning, the teens admitted they’d been doing it for a long time.

15-year-old twin brothers were arrested for smoking marijuana.15-year-old twin brothers were arrested for smoking marijuana.

However, the day before, they’d been warned by their father not to smoke weed. He told them a fortune teller had predicted their arrest. The boys, however, said they just laughed it off and lit up anyway.

The boys are scheduled to enter a drug-rehabilitation program this month. Meanwhile, the father has returned to the fortune teller to see if his sons’ fates can be changed.