Bar Girl attacks her friend over the split of the takings

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 By  PMTV

A Korean tourist hired the services of two ladies who work at a beer bar, after the fun and games in a room Ratana Jampasri and Piyaporn Chinsiri made their way back to the bar.

The Korean man had given the money to Ratana but when she split it with Piyaporn, she didn’t give her fifty percent, this angered Piyaporn so much so that she drew out a knife and stabbed her friend and co-worker.

The knife wielding bar girl cooperates with the policeThe knife wielding bar girl cooperates with the police

A kind hearted baht bus driver took the bleeding Ratana to Pattaya International Hospital.

The police interviewed Ratana and Piyaporn at the hospital, Piyaporn admitted to the crime and that she didn’t plan to hurt her friend but was furious at the injustice concerning her split of the money.

The police were going to charge her with attempted murder however due to her remorse and the fact that she went to the hospital with her friend, they took leniency on her.

But this certainly serves as yet another warning of the dangers of Pattaya, with girls and ladyboys carrying knifes, illegal substances, sleeping pills, you never really know how the night will end.

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