Bangladeshi, Thais arrested for alleged protection scam against expats


A Bangladeshi and his accused Thai accomplice were arrested for allegedly running a protection scheme against their countrymen in Thailand.

Chemrus Hasan, his wife Kanokporn and Royal Thai Army 1st Master Sgt. Yuthana Khanthong were captured in a Soi Diana Inn Indian restaurant owned by Bangladesh national Mohammad Nasir, 40. The three suspects were found at a table making demands from the restaurateur.

Police take the 9mm handgun and ID from Yuthana Khanthong during his arrest.Police take the 9mm handgun and ID from Yuthana Khanthong during his arrest.

Lt. Col. Pasakorn Paijit, deputy superintendent at the Wattananakorn Police Station in Srakaew launched the investigation into the trio after receiving complaints about a gang demanding protection money from Bangladeshi business owners. The investigation led to Pattaya where local police were enlisted to help.

Pasakorn alleged Hasan falsely impersonated an official from the Internal Security Operation Command’s foreigner department in Bangkok to convince his countrymen that they would be deported unless they paid him 2,000 baht a month. Yuthana allegedly served as the muscle to back up the extortion.

Police found Hansan carrying business cards falsely representing his ISOC status. A loaded 9mm handgun was found on Yuthana.