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Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:14

Turkish quarrel ends with stabbing

An argument between two Turkish former business partners turned bloody when one allegedly stabbed the other to settle the quarrel over an ice cream freezer.

An elderly British man supposedly upset with the party habits of his young wife apparently hung himself at a central Pattaya condominium.

The body of Philip Lee Atkins, 62, was found in a building behind the Niran Grand Condotel on Soi Arunothai March 30. A black electrical wire was found around his neck, although the wire had snapped, causing the body to fall to the ground.

In his pocket, police found a letter to Atkins’ wife, Parinyakorn Jinda, 30, asking her to contact his older brother in Phuket to take custody of his body.

Neighbors told police that Atkins had lived at Niran since November with his wife, but they frequently quarreled because Parinyakorn liked to go out with friends and often stayed away for days.

Navy ordinance specialists defused a homemade bomb found near Banglamung Vocational College.

Determined to be little more than a giant firecracker, the device was found April 1 about 20 meters from the civil-defense volunteer post on Soi Nongketyai. The naval bomb squad defused the device with a water-cutting tool and no one was injured.

The navy’s bomb squad was able to defuse this homemade bomb planted near Banglamung Vocational College.The navy’s bomb squad was able to defuse this homemade bomb planted near Banglamung Vocational College.

The triangle-shaped object with two funnel-shaped plastic containers, circuit board, and fuse wires taped into a 15cm chunk was likely left by teenagers looking to injure rivals or someone unhappy with neighbors in the area, police speculated. Investigators noted that a dummy bomb had been found in the same area previously this year.

Wednesday, 02 April 2014 17:02

3 Chinese arrested for credit card fraud

Pattaya police arrested three Chinese shoppers suspected to be part of a larger credit-card fraud ring.

Xuan Tao, 37 and Shi Yen Hua, 25, were taken into custody while buying mobile phones at Mike Shopping Mall March 10. Police found two fake credit cards on them with magnetic strip information that didn’t match the printed numbers.

Pattaya Police have arrested Chinese nationals Xuan Tao, Shi Yen Hua, and Shi Zhi Yong for credit card fraud.Pattaya Police have arrested Chinese nationals Xuan Tao, Shi Yen Hua, and Shi Zhi Yong for credit card fraud.

Under questioning, the two admitted a third member of their group, Shi Zhi Yong, 46, was staying at Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel. He was arrested there along with four more fake cards, a skimmer and four phones.

The suspects claimed they bought the bogus cards on the Internet, but police believe they are part of a larger fraud ring.

An Irish tourist died when he was nearly decapitated by a boat’s anchor rope while speeding his jet ski around Koh Larn.

Stephen David Campbell, 38, suffered a 20-cenitmeter-long slash to the neck that cut through his windpipe in the March 20 accident. Police said he’d driven his rented jet ski at high speed around parked boats and didn’t see the anchor line until it was too late.

Girlfriend Kanyarat Eianthaisong, 38, said Campbell had come to Pattaya five days earlier and was staying at a hotel in North Pattaya. The couple and a tourist friend went to Koh Larn for the day, where Campbell decided to rent the jet ski.

Wednesday, 02 April 2014 16:56

Fire again ravages Nongprue Temple

For the second time this year, fire broke out at Nongprue Temple, this time gutting the abbot’s residence.

Ten fire engines from the Nongprue Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, Pong and Pattaya battled the March 24 blaze for 30 minutes. Damage was estimated at about 1 million baht.

The fire was the second in about six weeks. Fire damaged a meditation pavilion and an antiques museum at the temple Feb. 12, causing more than 50 million baht in damage.

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in the abbot’s residence at Nongprue Temple.Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in the abbot’s residence at Nongprue Temple.

The residence also houses a radio station for the national Buddhism broadcasting center. Earlier that day, Abbot Phipitkitjarak said he was told the station’s transmitter was running very hot, but he dismissed any threat of fire it posed. Shortly before the flames erupted, witnesses reported hearing several electrical popping sounds.

National Police Chief Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew met Metropolitan Police Bureau and Highway Police Division officers training in Pattaya.

An allegedly jealous American boyfriend is wanted for questioning in the murder of a Buriram teenager whose decomposed body was found in a garbage bag atop a South Pattaya restaurant.

A week after two Iranians used stolen passports to buy tickets in Pattaya for the doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, another Iranian has been arrested in Pattaya for using a fake passport to allegedly steal a rental car.

Banglamung’s district chief green-lighted Provincial Waterworks Authority’s plans to lay new pipes connecting Plathong Spanish Place Pattaya to the main water supply to solve problems spanning two decades.

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