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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:21

Dog owner surrenders for hanging pets

A remorseful construction worker turned himself in to Banglamung police for hanging his two dogs behind a Nong Plalai gas station.

Mana Nutheeprasert, 44, surrendered Sept. 18, a day after a photo of the two dead dogs hung on a green nylon rope at the Highway 36 natural-gas vehicle station in Krating Lai went viral on the Internet. Activists from the A Call for Animal Rights Foundation posted Mana’s name and a 20,000 baht reward on its Facebook page.

After he found out he was wanted, Mana Nutheeprasert surrendered to police.After he found out he was wanted, Mana Nutheeprasert surrendered to police.

The two dogs - one of which was pregnant - were said by neighbors to often lay on the vehicles at the station, but were not aggressive.

Banglamung police had issued a warrant for animal cruelty for the Samut Prakan native who had lived behind the station for three years. When the photo went up on the Internet, he was working in Hua Hin and couldn’t be reached.

The maximum penalty Mana faces is a 1,000 baht fine and a month in jail.

Once Mana learned of the scandal, he surrendered to police and was questioned by the commander of Region 2 police, Maj. Gen. Sanit Mahataworn. Sanit said Mana told him the killing was done impulsively out of anger at the dogs, which had a habit of jumping on his car, scratching the paint.

Mana admitted to beating the dogs previously to break them on sleeping on vehicles, but when he caught them on his car again, he lost his temper, Sanit said.

“I feel ashamed of what I have done,” Mana said. “Therefore, I have turned myself in to police to face the law and I beg for forgiveness from the society for my actions. This happened because of the heat of the moment and I am also an animal lover.”

Sanit condemned the act, especially as it violated Buddhist principles. He said that in addition to jail time, Mana would be required to talk to a therapist.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:17

Belgian dies in guesthouse repair

A Belgian man died after falling through the roof of his Jomtien Beach guesthouse during a repair job.

John Hoemlund, 64, suffered a broken neck in the Sept. 18 accident at the Royal Star Guesthouse near the Mae La Or Market.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:14

Dutchman commits suicide in central Pattaya

An elderly Dutchman died after apparently slitting his wrists in his room above a central Pattaya bar.

The body of Peter Hans-Jurgen Stockmar, 70, was found in a pool of blood at the Saxwell Outback Bar and Hotel on Soi Arunothai Sept. 18. There was no sign of an altercation in the room and two knives were recovered from next to the body.

Guesthouse housekeeper Amphorn Hemvijit said Stockmar checked in on July 27 and was due to leave on Oct. 3. He was considered a loner, often seen drinking beer alone at the bar. He was last seen around 10 p.m. on Sept. 16. She found him on the 18th while trying to clean the room.

Police only speculated on motives for the suicide and sent the body to the Forensics Institute to determine if there were health-related reasons behind his decision to end his life.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 13:39

K-SME donates 100,000 baht to Red Cross

K-SME Co., led by Wutthichai Peewthong and Aphisit Litiwanon, donated 100,000 baht to the Banglamung Red Cross.

District Chief Sakchai Taengho received the donation at district headquarters Sept. 17.

Wutthichai said the company had raised 260,000 baht in “ice bucket challenges” over two weeks and executives wanted to donate part of it to the Red Cross for public use. The rest with be donated to other charities.

K-SME Co., led by Wutthichai Peewthong and Aphisit Litiwanon, raised 260,000 baht pouring cold water over their heads and donated 100,000 baht of this to the Banglamung Red Cross.K-SME Co., led by Wutthichai Peewthong and Aphisit Litiwanon, raised 260,000 baht pouring cold water over their heads and donated 100,000 baht of this to the Banglamung Red Cross.

A former employee has been arrested for allegedly shooting his former boss and two others during a robbery of about 100,000 baht in gold and electronics from a Pattaya beauty-care shop.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 13:15

Body of drowned man recovered in South Pattaya

Police are trying to determine how a middle-aged Thai man drowned off the old South Pattaya pier.

The body of the man in his 40s was pulled from the sea Sept. 12. There were no obvious signs of an injury that would have led to the drowning, other than abrasions that likely occurred after death. He’d been dead for about six hours.

Police were not certain of the man’s identity, although he was wearing a Suvarnabhumi International Airport police volunteer shirt with the name Lt. Col. Narong Pijak on the back.

Police said that one of the deceased’s legs had been sucked deep into the sand and it took them over 20 minutes to get him free. They could only speculate on how the man died, presuming he walked out into the sand to urinate and stepped into a mud or sand hole that the couldn’t get out of.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:51

Wall collapse destroys 2 cars

A storm that took down a huge tree and power poles in Naklua Monday was also blamed for knocking down a wall and crushing two cars.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:47

Exploding cooking-gas cylinder sets car on fire

A cooking-gas fire damaged a car but injured no one in central Pattaya.

Firefighters arrived at the Nirandon Grand Condotel on Soi Arunothai Aug. 31 to find a Bangkok-registered Toyota Camry in flames and its driver, Pongsak Ketboonnak, nearly in tears. He had borrowed the million-baht vehicle from a friend.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:41

1 dead, 1 hurt in Sukhumvit crash

One person died and another was hurt when a pickup truck collided with an 18-wheeler during heavy rain in Pattaya.

Montri Philasri, 36, was killed when his four-door Mitsubishi Triton smashed into the side of the Siam Container Co. cargo truck as it made a U-turn near Watjitpawan College on Sukhumvit Road.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:38

Manhunt on for killer of Phayao woman in Pattaya

Police are searching for the common-law husband of a Phayao woman who was smothered to death in an East Pattaya apartment.

The body of Atchara Khokubo, 28, was found Sept. 5 lying on the floor of a bedroom in Patchawan Place on Sukhumvit Soi 32, two pillows and a floor mat over her face. The rest of the body was covered by a blanket.

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