Theerarak Suthathiwong

A Russian man left destitute by a free-spending Thai girlfriend was found dead behind a Jomtien Beach temple, a victim of an apparent suicide.

Authorities found the limp body of Sergey Bykov, 54, hanging about three meters above the ground in the woods behind Kratungthong Temple Oct. 4.

Monk Subin Suksawat said Bykov had approached the abbot of the temple three days before to ask for permission to stay. He arrived with just one set of clothes, a bank book and a bit of cash.

Subin said the Russian recounted a tale of how he had saved up to come to Pattaya for a holiday and, while here, had fallen in love with a woman from Buriram and they began a relationship.

However, things soured when she began spending all his money. A 600,000 baht bank account soon was left with only 400 baht in it.

The woman left him and Bykov said he was unable to go home or even afford a hotel. So he sought refuge in the temple.

Subin said the Russian was very helpful, assisting with cleaning and supporting the monks as they collected alms. Some younger monks felt sorry for him and gave him small amounts of money.

But early Oct. 4, Bykov was heard complaining of a store stomach and moaning he wanted to kill himself. No one took him seriously until the body was found hanging from a tree.

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 13:24

Aussie critical after condo fall

An Australian man is in critical condition after falling on his balcony and lying there for more than a day before help arrived.

Sawang Boriboon Foundation rescuers broke into the seventh-floor Center Point Condominium room occupied by Brian Geoffrey Goodger, 63, on Sept. 30. They found him face down on his balcony with deep abrasions and broken bones. His body had been immobilized and developed bedsores.

The wounds had already started to become infected, giving off a foul smell.

He was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Condo manager Witsanu Budsaard, 30, said Goodger had been injured in a motorbike accident a week before and had arrived home from the hospital just four days ago.

A foreigner living next door told management he smelled something rotten coming from the room of the Aussie, who he had not seen for three days. So condo staff climbed onto the balcony to find Goodger lying injured.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 12:54

1 killed, 2 hurt in Nong Plalai wreck

One person was killed and two injured when two vehicles collided in an underpass in Nong Plalai.

Police and medics arrived at the railway road tunnel near Kratinglai Temple Sept. 22 to find a Toyota pickup and a Nissan compact wrecked.

Mate Chotepanang, 42, the driver of the Nissan, was killed. The driver of the Toyota, Kredkaew Sonachote, 43, who hit the Nissan, and an unidentified female passenger in the car were seriously injured and taken to Banglamung Hospital.

Witnesses told police that Mate was speeding from Sukhumvit and went through the underpass without slowing. He crashed when he could not stop in time to avoid the compact car.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 12:50

Korat man nabbed for convenience store robberies

Provincial police have arrested a man wanted for a half dozen convenience store robberies in Pattaya.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Thanet Pinmueng-ngam, commissioner of Region 2 Police, along with Chonburi and Nongprue officers announced the capture of Pai Absarum, 27, Sept. 25.

The Highway Special Maintenance Department installed five pumps on the Bangkok-Chonburi Expressway after a section became impassable during last week’s storms.

The onset of tropical depression Vamco began bringing heavy rain to Pattaya Sept. 14, flooding northbound Highway 7 at kilometer market 116-117 in Pong Sub-district. Water reached 1.3 meters deep and closed about 300 meters of the highway.

Two vehicles sustained serious damage and motorists were detoured to Sukhumvit Road to continue their journeys to Bangkok.

After this section of highway became impassable during last week’s storms, the Highway Special Maintenance Department installed pumps - but to little avail.After this section of highway became impassable during last week’s storms, the Highway Special Maintenance Department installed pumps - but to little avail.

Maintenance director Sombat Prapornrattanakul and Manit Paisalee, head of the Laem Chabang Highway Department inspected the low-lying section of highway Sept. 15, noting this was the first time that it flooded.

It would not be the last.

Engineers took approximately an hour with two pumps to drain the area before the road was open to vehicles again.

Engineers installed an additional three pumps in the area to prevent a recurrence. However, even Vamco hit in earnest that night, even those additional pumps were unable to cope and the highway was closed again due to flooding.

With skies clearing and streets drying, military and government officials mobilized throughout Pattaya to come to the aid of Pattaya’s many victims of tropical depression Vamco and the ensuing flooding.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:37

Bomb scare at Pattaya Bazaar

Two suspicious bags left in at the Pattaya Bazaar market set off a bomb scare, but turned out to be harmless.

The two bags left in a yellow disposal bin at the North Pattaya market Sept. 12 prompted calls to the police. Both bags were very heavy and explosive ordinance-disposal officers were dispatched to investigate.

It turned out both were stuff with clothing and rocks.

Two heavy bags left unattended at the Pattaya Bazaar market caused some concern, but turned out to be harmless. Police believe it was a prank meant to create panic.

Market chef Chan Hasook, 61, said she saw a thin man in his 30s with dark complexion leave the bags in the bin. She said she became concerned when she went over and tried to pick up the bags and couldn’t.

Police said someone was trying to create panic and pledged to review security camera footage to find the perpetrator.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:35

Walking Street drummer jailed for drug dealing

An Iranian musician was arrested on charges of dealing crystal methamphetamines in Pattaya.

Reza Rostami, 31, was captured in a sting operation Sept. 13. Police found 1.8 grams of crystal meth on him.

A subsequent search of his Jomtien Beach apartment turned up another 53.1 g. of ya ice.

Rostami told the police he was a former drummer at a well-known pub on Walking Street, but the bar shut down and he became unemployed. To make ends meet, he confessed he started selling drugs.

Iranian musician Reza Rostami was arrested and charged with possession of a Class 1 narcotic with intent to sell.Iranian musician Reza Rostami was arrested and charged with possession of a Class 1 narcotic with intent to sell.

The drugs were brought in by a friend from Iran, hidden in fruit and other food. He said his customers were tourists.

Rostami was charged possession with intent to sell a Class 1 narcotic.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:32

Lads lambasted for public peeing

Two British lads captured on a viral video drunkenly urinating on a Pattaya street were slapped with 1,000-baht fines after they sobered up and turned themselves in.

On Sept. 12, Thanaporn Jaisaquan, 39, posted the video of the Britons’ antics on Beach Road near Soi 12 on her Facebook page and it took fire with the expected amount of outrage and ridicule.

Two days later, a humbled Englishman Mark Culleton, 35, and Scot Thomas Maughan, 29, came to Pattaya Police Station and told officers, via a translator, that they didn’t know the culture of Thailand that well and didn’t mean to offend anybody.

Contrite urinators Mark Culleton and Thomas Maughan turned themselves in after being caught peeing on Beach Road.

They admitted they were drunk and had an overwhelming urge to pee, so they stopped their car and took care of business.

Both men presented flowers in apology, but it didn’t save them from getting a 1,000 baht fine each and a warning to keep their pee to themselves.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:28

Fishing vendor dies in Vamco flooding

A Pattaya hotpot vendor who went hunting for fish in the floodwaters created by tropical depression Vamco was swept away and found a day later 1.5 kilometers from where he disappeared.

More than 20 Nongprue police officers, soldiers and rescuers from the Sawang Boriboon Foundation fanned out around 11 a.m. Sept. 18 to find Pallop Pakdee, 35, who went missing around 2 p.m. the day before near the small Ta Kieow Dam in the sub-district’s Moo 1 village.

They found his body near the downstream Ton Yang Dam, nude and lying face down with crushing injuries to his head and face.

Pallop’s friend, Prayut Sema, 30, said the dead man sold hotpot meals at the Rong Poh Market.

Before he died, he invited Prayut to hunt for fish with him near a small local dam during the flood and they both went. Pallop was swimming over to the other side of the rushing water before he was eventually washed away. He then contacted the police.

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