Theerarak Suthathiwong

With another high season revving up, police made their annual sweep of pharmacies illegally selling sedatives and tranquilizers.

Almost exactly a year after their last crack down on drug stores, Pattaya and Tourist police again visited 36 pharmacies Nov. 27, making arrests at three.

An elderly German has become the latest tourist to be drugged and robbed by a Pattaya prostitute.

A groggy Joachim Gerd Lay, 73, met police in his Markland Hotel room Nov. 24. A cut on his mouth and bleeding from the nose, Gerd pointed to an opened and empty safe. Broken beer bottles and wine glasses were scattered on the floor.

Condo owner Silvia Pattanasiri said the German had rented the room for past two months, but called them that day to report he’d been robbed.

Gerd told his landlord that he and a German friend had met two Thai women in their 30s at a restaurant in Naklua. They’d returned to the Markland at 11:30 p.m. and had coffee in the lobby. At that point, the victim’s friend left and he went upstairs with the two hookers.

He admitted he’d drank wine the two had given him, then passed out. He cut himself in the fall.

Missing in the robbery were 200 euros, 50,000 baht, a digital camera and his credit card.

A former Chonburi Public Health Office administrator was arrested for allegedly operating an illegal medical clinic in Pong Sub-District.

Jutha Suriyawongs, 59, was arrested Nov. 22 at his home where a clinic was set up in a back room. Children and Women Protection Center officers caught Jutha red-handed injecting an elderly patient with medication.

Officers seized 400 generic antibiotic tablets and 220 tablets of generic anti-inflammatories.

Jutha is a former Level 6 public-health management officer with a master’s degree from the National Institute of Administration and a political science doctorate from an Australian university.

Investigators said he’d resigned from the Chonburi Public Health Office in 2007 and believed he’d gleaned enough medical knowledge from his time there to open an unlicensed clinic. He’d been treating patients, mostly elderly neighborhood residents, since then, officers said.

Jutha was charged with running an unlicensed medical office, performing medical treatments without a license, selling unregistered pharmaceuticals and operating as a medical practitioner without a license.

Thirty Russian tourists were injured when their Kanchanaburi-bound tour bus skidded off the road and crashed into a utility pole near Pattaya.

Eleven months after they kidnapped, robbed and raped two Russian women on Christmas night 2012, an accused murderer, a Pattaya jet ski vendor and a third man have been sentenced to more than a combined 100 years in prison.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 16:03

Deadly sunken ferry raised from Pattaya Bay

Pattaya salvage teams have raised the Koh Larn Travel ferry that capsized early this month, killing seven tourists and injuring dozens more.

Pattaya police used an Apple iPhone’s built-in tracking software to arrest the alleged thief who snatched a Chinese tourist’s handbag.

Two people were hospitalized after a lover’s quarrel turned to into kidnapping and a failed murder-suicide.

Siwanatphiphat Rattanaphim, 20, and girlfriend Chanyanan Lausamrong, 35, both sustained serious gunshot wounds in the Nov. 11 incident at a car dealer opposite Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road. Chanyanan suffered shots to the chest and face while Siwanatphiphat shot himself in the head, but somehow managed to survive.

Banglamung Police said the incident began at the Wong Amat Residence on Naklua Soi 16 where, witnesses said, Siwanatphiphat abducted Chanyanan at gunpoint. Police later found a note, scribbled in lipstick, saying she’d been kidnapped at gunpoint.

Police caught up to the Toyota Vios, leading to a chase. Police escalated the situation by shooting out the tires. Siwanatphiphat lost control and slammed into a wall. Feeling cornered, he shot his girlfriend and turned the gun on himself, police said.

Chanyanan’s parents told police that their daughter had only started dating the Thai Oil Co. security guard recently and that they argued often. They believed the two had met to sort out their differences, but the meeting went badly, leading to Siwanatphiphat’s actions.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 15:09

Drunk monk defrocked after gambling-related binge

A drunk monk with a gambling problem was defrocked after drawing the attention of police in Pattaya.

A 12-year-old Russian boy became the seventh tourist to die in the Nov. 3 ferry sinking off Koh Larn when he succumbed to injuries in a Sriracha hospital.

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