Theerarak Suthathiwong

Central Festival Pattaya Beach donated 520 life jackets to boat operators on the Koh Larn-Pattaya route to improve tourist safety.

Mall executives on Nov. 12 presented their gift to ferry operators Ratkrai Krodee, owner of Ruarubgkietwari who has seven boats; Khanueng Chaweeruang, owner of Rua Koh Lan Holiday, who owns two boats; Pichai Phomanee, owner of Phomanee who owns two boats; and Juan Noopan, owner of Rua Anuraknamchok, and Ruaprasitporn 4, who owns 2 boats.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 13:16

Violent Pattaya cop taken off streets

Interfered with medics, shot Russian tourist

A Pattaya policeman with a history of violent behavior – including threatening paramedics during a recent rescue and accidentally shooting a Russian tourist in December – has been taken off the streets.

Nongprue police have released as sketch of a man wanted for robbing a woman at gunpoint in Nong Plalai.

Tasanee Sopaporn, an employee of Toscano Co., told police she was chased by two men on a Honda Wave motorbike and then robbed of her 10,000-baht Samsung smartphone at gunpoint outside Pornthep Village on Nov. 5.

Chonburi marked two years since the death of Thailand’s Supreme Patriarch with a merit-making ceremony at Yansangwararam Temple.

Deputy Gov. Phawat Lertmukda presided over the Oct. 29 commemoration at Yansangwararam Temple with Abbot Somdej Prayannasangworn Samdejpra Sangkaraj Sakolmahaparinayok. Attending were area civil servants, military, police, local administrators, Red Cross Association workers and private citizens.

A Naklua beach chair vendor captured on video chasing a foreign family off the beach for not renting an umbrella was among four dealers banned from the shoreline for encroaching on public land.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:20

Pattaya residents challenge illegal minivan stops

Minivan operators have set up their own ad-hoc station in South Pattaya, but seem not to care it operates in a “no parking” zone.

Located in front of a tutorial school on South Pattaya Road headed toward Sukhumvit Road, the station had vans clearly parked on Oct. 24 at curbs painted red and white, designating no stopping or parking.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 11:55

Fighting couple causes injury accident

A heated argument while driving is being blamed for a truck-motorbike collision that injured four people.

Coconut drink vendors Huchree Huaysamut, 26, and Nongnocch Tanomsap, 49, were critically injured in the Oct. 27 crash near the intersection of Soi Khao Talo when their Honda Wave motorbike and sidecar was struck by a pickup truck. They were transported to Banglamung Hospital.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 11:44

German man dies in apparent suicide leap

An elderly German died after apparently jumping from his eighth-floor condominium in Pattaya.

Alexander Minor, 73, was found naked in the parking area of the View Talay 3 complex on Pratamnak Hill. Police found no marks on the body unrelated to the massive trauma of the fall.

Officers checked his condo eight stories directly above where he was found and said there was no sign of burglary or violence. Only a broken mobile phone was discovered.

Police speculated Minor had had an argument with someone on the telephone causing him so much distress he jumped off his balcony.

Police are trying to identify the remains of a woman whose naked, bound and decomposed body was found stuffed in a bag and dumped in a Nongprue tapioca field.

The corpse found in an oversized clothing bag, had been dead for about a month, authorities estimated. It was found in a field off Soi Phuyai Hin in Nongprue’s Moo 2 village Oct. 22.

The unidentified victim had long hair and her hands and legs were tied together. Little of the body remained outside of bones.

Police questioned Boonsong Srimek, the 49-year-old owner of a construction materials shop located 200 meters from the discovery and he said he and friends discovered the body bag while following his dog to her nest of new puppies.

The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 12:39

Skimmers blamed for ATM theft

ATM skimmers are being blamed for a Pattaya Hospital staffer losing all her savings.

Supawinee Pradubkam, 38, filed a police complaint Oct. 21 after 35,000 baht disappeared from her Krungthai Bank account.

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