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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:36

Gold-colored tree sets off lottery frenzy

Gamblers looking for an edge in the next government lottery draw flocked to a gold-colored tree discovered in Takientia.

The neem tree blooming in Nongkradong is located in an eight-rai cassava field. Standing about 1.5 meters tall, the leaves and branches had turned gold, setting off a frenzy among superstitious gamblers with gold bars and necklaces their eyes.

Pattaya residents greeted a nationwide horse procession honoring the 18th century’s King Taksin the Great in full traditional Thai attire when it arrived in Pattaya.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 14:56

2 Russians nabbed for credit card fraud

Two Russian men were arrested for allegedly using counterfeit credit cards to pay for a million-baht shopping spree in Pattaya.

Temur Rutamov, 35, and Evgeny Titov, 27, were captured March 24 with 79 bogus credit cards, a skimmer, and laptop computer.

A toddler was killed after being run over in a parking lot in Huay Yai.

Kanphumin Sripanon, 2, was crushed under the back wheel of a Toyota pickup truck driven by Teerayut Saengchanrid, 33, March 24 in a community parking lot on Soi Baan Piem Mongkol.

The child’s aunt, Kanchana Polpikul, 18, said the child and others from the neighborhood often played in the lot. She didn’t see the accident, however, only arriving after hearing screams. Teerayut tried to provide first aid, but it was too late.

Police said a tearful Teerayut explained that he had been working on his truck, as it wouldn’t start.

Earlier, he had several people push the truck so he could try to jump-start it. At that time, he saw the toddler chasing after the car-pushers before being picked up and taken away from the vehicle.

He went back to working on the vehicle and eventually got it running. Teerayut put the truck in reverse, but, little did he know, the unattended 2-year-old had again run up behind the vehicle. He hit the child without knowing he was there.

Teerayut was taken to the police station for further questioning and possible charges.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:49

47-year-old German drowns off Pattaya Beach

Police the body of 47-year-old Udo Springer from Germany found dead in the water off a small Pattaya island.

Springer was wearing only swim trunks when pulled from the water off Koh Chun, a tiny island about a mile offshore. There were no signs of injury or trauma. The corpse was sent to the Forensics Institute to determine the cause of death.

Beach chair vendor Thom Yuthsoonthorn, 34, said he had seen the victim on the beach near Soi 13/2 when he went for a swim. Several hours later, a nearby vendor asked if he had returned. Both men presumed he had and had gone back to his hotel.

Police presumed he may have cramped up and drowned while swimming too far from shore.

Two alleged drug dealers with purported ties to a network inside a Bangkok prison were arrested in Pattaya.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 11:20

2 teen girls arrested for drug possession

Two teenage girls were arrested for possession of methamphetamines after being stopped at a central Pattaya checkpoint.

A 15-year-old passenger on a motorbike driven by an 18-year-old identified only as “Orn” handed over a packet of eight ya ba pills to police at the road stop at Central Road and Chalermprakiet 14 March 20.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 15:48

Lesbian couple wows neighbors with wedding

Same-sex marriage may not be legal in Thailand, but that didn’t stop two women from informally tying the knot in a community ceremony that had all the neighbors talking.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 15:01

5 tourists escape burning van

Five Nonthaburi tourists escaped harm when they fled their Toyota Commander moments before it was engulfed in flames after their day in Pattaya.

A motorcyclist was killed and a passenger hurt when their bike lost control on a Highway 7 bridge and crashed into a side railing, vaulting the driver over the side.

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