Theerarak Suthathiwong

A Thai contractor’s Cambodian work crew is suspected of robbing and killing their boss on a job site in Nongprue.

The body of Phaiseethong Pimta, 32, was sitting in a chair, face down on a table, outside an under-construction home on a 3 rai plot on Soi Nongmaikaen 17, on July 24.

The Bueng Kan man had been bludgeoned to death, his skull split open with a hard object. Police found his empty wallet in the woods nearby and his motorbike had been stolen.

Home owner Sathaporn Toma, 48, said he’d hired Phaiseethong for a painting job and that the victim had brought along four Khmer employees, three men and a woman.

A day earlier, he told police, he saw the contractor arguing over salary payments with one of the workers, but didn’t consider it serious. He admitted he was wrong after he returned the next day to find Phaiseethong dead and the Cambodians gone.

Civil-defense volunteers foiled a bag-snatch theft of a Russian tourist in North Pattaya.

A 19-year-old Cambodian identified only as “With” and a 17-year-old Thai boy were charged with the attempted robbery of Nadezda Bokova, 31, near Soi 6 July 20.

A 19-year-old Cambodian identified as “With” and a 17-year-old Thai boy were charged with the attempted robbery of Nadezda Bokova and her boyfriend.A 19-year-old Cambodian identified as “With” and a 17-year-old Thai boy were charged with the attempted robbery of Nadezda Bokova and her boyfriend.

Bokova told police she and her boyfriend were walking when the two men pulled up on a motorbike and With jumped off and grabbed her handbag. The suspects neglected, however, to look around first and made the grab right in front of the volunteers, who quickly stepped in and detained the alleged robbers.

Officials seize 100 million baht in assets in Pattaya

A Dutch man and his Thai wife are facing drug and money laundering charges in two countries following a raid on their Pattaya-area home.

Officers from the Anti-Money Laundering Office, Department of Special Investigations, Office of the Attorney-General and Huay Yai police apprehended Johannes Petrus Maria van Laarhoven and his wife Mingkwan Kaen-in at their 2 rai property at the Phoenix Golf Course July 23.

Vietnamese police officials were in Pattaya last week to study how local cops nab bad guys with an eye toward incorporating Thai tactics into police academy classes.

Thursday, 24 July 2014 12:51

Food & Hoteliers Expo returns Aug. 15-17

Competitions ranging from bed making to flower arranging to aroma massage will play out as the Pattaya Food & Hoteliers Expo returns to the Peach Convention Center Aug. 15-17.

Police were called to Soi Kophai, near the Cafe Mesi Russian restaurant, to investigate an incident stolen car wheels.

Pattaya police arrested a gang of suspected pickpockets who worked as a team on a baht bus to separate an American man from his $5,000.

A food vendor on his way to the bank was robbed of 115,000 baht and other personal items in a motorbike-assist bag snatch.

Chonburi provincial police seized 60 slot machines and arrested eight in a raid of a warehouse in Pattaya.

Region 2 commander Maj. Gen. Sanit Mahataworn said the machines had been smuggled into Thailand and stored in the four-story building in Nongprue, awaiting deployment to illegal underground casinos.

Jealousy, not business, turned out to be the motive for the June killing of a boat-rental agent and rescue volunteer.

Boonsong Saechau, 38, surrendered to police July 1, nearly two weeks after allegedly shooting business partner Wijan Suwanpodok, 39, at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. Wijan had been a volunteer with the Sawang Boriboon Foundation.

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