Patcharapol Panrak

From bookcases on the back of motorbikes to pickups stacked twice their height with aluminum cans, we here in Thailand are used to seeing odd things on the roads, but an AV-8S Harrier jump jet rolling down Sukhumvit Road had everyone talking. 

Seemingly abandoned roadwork is generating accidents and anger in Samae San.

Residents of the Ban Nong Grajong community complained that an under-construction four-lane road has become a hazard due to dust, missing warning signs, protruding steel bars, and a lack of covers for drainage holes.

Sattahip military and police officials arrested a suspected human-trafficker and accused loan shark.

Capt. Khomphan Uplanont, director of Intelligence and Strategy at the Sattahip Naval Base, and Sattahip police superintendent Col. Chonaphat Naowalak announced the two arrests July 16.

Knowing he didn’t have long to live, a 20-year veteran of the Royal Thai Marine Corps returned to his former barracks at the Prince Chumphon Camp in Sattahip, strung up his hammock, laid down and passed away.

Former Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Prayuth Jampamool was found about two hours after dying, slung in his hammock between two posts at the base July 15. The 51-year-old ex-marine, a Class 25 graduate, had laid down beside a duffle bag containing all his old military gear. The body was taken to Sattahip Km. 10 Hospital.

Friend and former marine buddy Pralome Wajatasil, 53, said Prayuth was an infantry veteran who had served in the Royal Thai Marine Corps for 20 years but had to resign due to family problems.

He had fallen ill and knew his time was short. He told friends he wanted to come back and die where he used to live among friends.

His funeral will be done with fully navy honors.

About 20 Sattahip organizations met to develop solutions to illegal foreign labor and human trafficking in the district.

Rear Adm. Tee Upanisakorn, chief of staff for the Sattahip Naval Base, presided over the July 18 meeting, the fourth joint session of the year on the labor problems.

The Royal Thai Navy opened its ultra-modern submarine base and training center, even though the country doesn’t yet own a sub.

Eight Sattahip boys who allegedly tried to gang rape a 14-year-old girl in a classroom at Baan Bang Saray School surrendered to police and will be prosecuted in juvenile court.

A Sattahip man who said he’d had enough nagging was arrested for allegedly shutting her up with a cleaver.

A drunk Jamras Sektrakulpinyo, 52, was taken into custody at his Soi Tewson home July 8. His wife, Phongsai A-chana, 49, was taken to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical center with severe cuts to her forehead, cheek, shoulder and wrist.

Police said Jamras admitted to the attack in a vociferous outburst, complaining she had a “vile mouth” and that they’d been arguing and the fight turned to violence.

Parents of a 14-year-old girl nearly gang-raped in a classroom at Baan Bang Saray School were further outraged after the school’s director, Wuthichai Weerawat, refused to take responsibility.

The eighth-grader escaped the July 3 attempted rape at the hands of eight classmates after biting one of her attackers arms and screaming as a teacher passed by in the hallway. To date, no action has been taken against the boys, five of whom the girl identified. Sattahip police, however, said they would question the boys over charges of obscene conduct.

The Sattahip parents of the victim said their daughter was thrown against a wall so hard she fell and, once on the ground, seven boys held her down while the eighth watched the door.

The parents said they met with Wuthichai and were told he would not take personal responsibility for the attack, that it was not the school’s fault and that school officials do their best to protect students from crime.

The parents said the principal pledged to take disciplinary action against the boys if police charged them with the attempted rape.

Two Burmese fishermen who claimed they were enslaved on Thai fishing boats were pulled from Rayong Bay by navy rescuers after jumping overboard to escape what they claimed was certain death.

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