Patcharapol Panrak

A Bangkok man escaped a fiery death when a fellow motorist pulled him out of his burning car following a crash in Sattahip.

Wuthichai Butthong, 35, was severely injured, but escaped being burned when someone pulled him from his burning Nissan Cefiro. He was taken to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center.

Firefighters took about 20 minutes to extinguish the vehicle fire on Sukhumvit Road opposite the Khet Udomsak municipal office April 18. The Nissan had plunged into a 2-meter-deep ditch and crashed into a large road sign.

Wuthichai admitted to police he’d been speeding and had lost control of the vehicle.

The commander of Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment 1 in Sattahip has been named the next chief of staff for the Royal Thai Fleet’s Frigate Squadron 2.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 14:52

Motorbike-chasing dog impaled on iron fence

A dog intent on chasing motorbikes was seriously injured after being impaled on a wrought-iron fence.

Nearly 90 Royal Thai Navy sailors were offered vocational training in four areas to help them transition to private-sector life.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 17:15

Boat captain drowns in Sattahip

A tourist-boat captain died while scraping barnacles from his ship’s hull in Sattahip.

The body of Thanee Khamyen, 60, captain of the Rungworawan 11, was found floating at the breakwater in front of Ocean Marina April 10, a day after disappearing while servicing his boat anchored about 200 meters away. More than 10 divers had tried unsuccessfully to locate his body the day before.

Thanee’s wife, Sompaen Nuanjan, 70, said her husband had been a boat captain for 10 years and was an expert swimmer. However, this time he had donned scuba equipment to scrape barnacles and inspect the boat’s propeller. Sompaen said she had warned him against using the air tank and regulator, as he had not been trained in scuba diving, but he insisted he would be fine.

A Soi Buakaow beer-bar owner was shot and killed in what Sattahip police are calling a well-planned execution, while commuting home on Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya.

Elephants at Nong Nooch Tropical Garden put a twist on Pattaya’s Songkran celebration, using their built-in water guns to hose down revelers.

Park Director Kampol Tansajja opened the April 12-18 “Songkran and Flower Festival,” which featured a parade of flowers and water sprinkling on Buddhist statues.

Royal Thai Navy officers and Buddhist monks wished more than 300 troops well before their deployment to strife-torn provinces in the south.

Rear Adm. Luechai Ruddit, Commander of the Air and Coastal Defense Command, presided over departure ceremony for 10 armed units of 309 conscripts March 31.

Wednesday, 02 April 2014 17:06

Sattahip woman brutalized for bad karaoke

Bad singing and karaoke bars naturally go together, but a drunk Sattahip woman apparently was so awful a couple sitting at an adjacent table smashed her in the face with bottles to shut her up.

Sattahip police seized more than 300 methamphetamine pills when they raided the apartment of a major drug dealer in the Samae San fishing village.

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