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China celebrates 65th anniversary

BEIJING, Oct 1 President Xi Jinping said Tuesday China will continue to give priority to development, adhere to reform and innovation and stay committed to the path of peaceful development.

Xi made the remarks when addressing a reception marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Xi called for enhanced unity within the Communist Party of China (CPC), adding that the CPC should reinforce cooperation with other parties and maintain the bond with the people.

"We must stand firmly with the people," Xi said. "We will always proceed from and aim at realizing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people."

He called for enhanced confidence in the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics as well as in the theory and system regarding the path.

The Communist Party of China is key to the country's success, Xi said.

"We must never waver in our faith and must never separate ourselves from the people," he said. "All problems that affect the Party's creativity, cohesiveness and effectiveness must be addressed, all illnesses that harm the Party's advanced nature and purity completely cured and all tumors grown on the healthy organism of the Party removed."

He also stressed modesty and cautiousness as China will remain at the primary stage of socialism for a long time to come.

"A nation may thrive in adversity but perish in ease," he said. "We cannot afford to be complacent at any time. This is certainly true for both the Party and the country, including the leadership and the people."

He called on the Chinese people to cultivate and practice the core socialist values, build the will of the nation around its shared ideals and unleash Chinese strength through Chinese spirit.

"Sixty-five years is but a fleeting moment in the history of human development. Yet in this short space of 65 years, the Chinese people have made spectacular and Earth-shaking changes," said Xi.

Over the 65 years, China has transitioned from new democracy to socialism. It has blazed and broadened the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, translating socialism into a successful path and institutional system, said Xi.

Over the 65 years, China has made historic progress in raising social productivity and overall national strength, and the Chinese people have experienced a historic leap forward from poverty to having adequate food and clothing and to a life of moderate prosperity, he said.

Over the 65 years, China has followed an independent foreign policy of peace. It has upheld justice, stood alongside developing countries and led by example in maintaining world peace and promoting common development, he said.

"Our road ahead is long and arduous, and we must be fully prepared for the great struggle that has many new historical features," he said, adding that the Chinese people are sure to prevail over all hardships and difficulties and take China into an even more glorious future.

On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Xi paid tribute to Chinese people of all ethnic groups, all the CPC members, all officers and soldiers of the People's Liberation Army and the armed police, and all members of the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation.

Xi also extended greetings to compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan as well as Chinese nationals residing abroad, and expressed thanks to friendly countries and foreign friends who had supported and assisted New China in its development.

About 3,000 people from China and abroad attended the reception at the Great Hall of the People.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 13:45

PM Prayut to visit Myanmar Oct 9-10

BANGKOK, Sept 30 Thailand's Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will visit Myanmar on Oct 9 and 10, and join the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Italy in mid-month.

BANGKOK, Sept 30 Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the prime minister and chief of the National Council for Peace and Order, retired as commander in chief of the Thai army today.

He was succeeded by Gen Udomdej Sitabutr, deputy defence minister and deputy Army chief.

Gen Prayut is confident that his successor will make the Royal Thai Army a national and ASEAN army.

The succession ceremony took place at Army headquarters in Bangkok at 10.30am today.

A parade and ranks of Army soldiers bid farewell to Gen Prayut who served as the 37th Army chief for four years.

Gen Prayut congratulated Gen Udomdej and thanked subordinates for their trust in him and his work.

Gen Prayut said he believed the new Army chief would work for the national interest and be calm and determined to strengthen the Army and develop its important roles in ASEAN.

Gen Udomdej thanked Gen Prayut for his contributions to the Army. He promised to work with honesty, supervise subordinates with righteousness and fairness, proceed with policies and promote national security, unity and stability.

After the ceremony, Gen Prayut greeted personnel present and waved farewell to Army officers while traveling in his limousine heading for Government House where he works in his capacity as prime minister.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 The total value of bonds to be issued in the Asia-Pacific excluding Japan next year is expected to hit another record, fuelled by the existing momentum from China, said Barclays Investment Banking Director Hui Yik Seong.

"China is in need of refinancing as companies embark on cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

"The country is expected to be the major contributor to the rosy outlook in 2015," Hui said, estimating that China currently takes up half of the total issuance size in the region.

The demand for Indian bonds post-election is also picking up with issuances in Singapore and Indonesia in the pipeline, and all this will bode well for the rosy outlook next year, he said.

Hui was one of the speakers at the "Asean Fixed Income Summit" hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia here on Monday.

According to Hui, the total value of bonds issued is expected to hit US$30 billion for the fourth quarter this year, while the first three quarters had gathered US$140-US$150 billion.

Last year's amount was in the range of US$140-US$150 billion, he said.

Meanwhile, another speaker, Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Ltd Senior Investment Manager Kenneth Akintewe, said the current global economic environment is perfect for the Asia bond market.

He said this was on the back of the recovery in the US economy, Asia as the world's manufacturing hub and with China moving up the value chain.

For Malaysia, Akintewe said the large foreign participation in the local bond market gives it a positive outlook as it translates into a long-term structured position.

At present, about 40 per cent of Malaysia's bond market is owned by foreigners.

BEIJING, Sept 30 China on Monday released the first batch of photos taken by Gaofen-2, its most advanced Earth observation satellite.

Gaofen-2 can see object just a meter in length from space, in full color.

The stripes of a pedestrian crossing in the Xizhimen area of downtown Beijing are clearly visible in one of the 15 photos published by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Part of Shanghai and an area of coal mines in Shanxi Province were also shown.

The satellite, launched on August 19, has uses in areas including land use, mineral resources and disaster relief. It is the second of seven satellites China's high-definition observation project Gaofen which will be launched before 2020. Gaofen-1 was launched in April 2013.

Three more satellites will be launched in the next two years, said Xu Dazhe, head of the administration, at a press conference on Monday.

Xu said that data acquired by the satellites will be provided to other countries. (Xinhua- MCOT online news)

BANGKOK, Sept 29 –Justice Minister Gen Paiboon Kumchaya has reiterated that prisons must be free of narcotics and mobile phones.

The minister plans to seek 1,000 more corrections officials jobs so that there will be enough warders to supervise about 300,000 inmates nationwide.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:40

Lao delegation on ICT study tour in Thailand

BANGKOK, Sept 29 -The Lao deputy education minister inspected Thailand's education-oriented information and communication technology sector and ensured bilateral cooperation for both countries' smooth participation in the forthcoming ASEAN Community.

The team of Lao Education and Sports Deputy Minister Dr Lytou Buapao was warmly welcomed by Thai Deputy Education Minister Krissanapong Kirtikara.

Mr Krissanapong said that he was ready to share the experience he gained in the past three decades in technological applications for educational development.

He said that the applications focused on not only the knowledge development but also morality of students.

He promised that the Thai government would encourage the private sector to initiate education support projects in Laos and invite Lao educational authorities to academic conferences in Thailand.

Mr Lytou expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and said he was ready to support mutual assistance and exchange with Thailand to help promote formation of the ASEAN Community.

He also said that Laos is reforming its educational systems to meet the educational standard of Southeast Asia.

Relevant Thai authorities presented the application of information and communication technology for public education to the Lao delegation.

The presentation concerned formal and informal education and satellite-based teaching.

They also presented a master plan for area-based educational improvement which the government and the private sector will jointly conduct.

BANGKOK, Sept 29 -- Thailand's Ministry of Energy has asserted it will push for a clean coal-fired power plant in the southern province of Krabi.

Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Areepong Bhoocha-oom said that electricity generation in the South cannot now serve the growing demand, especially from tourism and the service sector that is increasing by as much as 10 per cent annually.

BANGKOK, Sept 29 The Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) plans to develop Thailand into a world-leader of fashion and textile design in 15 years, by the year 2030.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:29

Thai exports shrink 7.4% in August

BANGKOK, Sept 29 –The Ministry of Commerce reported that the value of Thai exports shrank 7.4 per cent year on year in August, marking the heaviest decline in 32 months.

The ministry set the export growth target for this year only at 1 per cent as Thailand's main markets have yet to recover.

Nantawan Sakuntanak, director-general of the Department of International Trade Promotion, said that the value of Thai exports stood at US$18.9 billion in August.

The decline continued for the second consecutive month and the 7.4 per cent year-on-year fall reached rock bottom in 32 months after December 2011.

Ms Nantawan said that the global economy did not recover as earlier expected, investment in gold consequently slowed down and China that was a major market of Thai gold exports imported gold from Hong Kong instead.

The value of Thailand's gold exports plunged by as much as 92.9 per cent to only US$72 million in August compared with US$2 billion in August last year.

In addition the export of refined oil products fell steadily and the export of industrial goods dropped by 8.7 per cent after a rise. The value of Thai exports in the first eight months of this year stood at US$150.5 billion, declining 1.36 per cent.

However, Ms Nantawan hopes that the value of Thai exports should increase by 0.5-1 per cent throughout this year because there is significant demand for Thai products late this year despite the delayed recovery of the global economy.

The value of Thai imports in August 2014 amounted to US$17.8 billion, dropping by 14.17 per cent.

In the first eight months of this year the import value stood at US$150.3 billion, falling  12.7 per cent. Thailand posted a trade surplus of US$1.15 billion in August this year and US$280 million in the first eight months of this year.

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