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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 15:11

Musician arrested on child molestation charges

A beer bar musician has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 10-year-old girl.

Shakrit Lamulsri, 31, was taken into custody Dec. 28 at a house on Soi Arunothai where he was allegedly hiding.

Police said Shakrit confessed to having sexual relations with the child, but argued that the two were “very close” and that the sex was consensual.

He was charged with molestation of a child under age 13 and separating the minor from her parents.

Shakrit Lamulsri has been charged with sexual assault of a minor under the age of 13.Shakrit Lamulsri has been charged with sexual assault of a minor under the age of 13.

Two teenagers were arrested for allegedly robbing a Russian tourist of her handbag.

“Kot,” 15, and “Ae,” 17, were captured in separate arrests Dec. 26. The younger boy was apprehended in front of the J’Juk restaurant on North Road while the second suspect was nabbed on Naklua Soi 25 with the motorbike allegedly used in the crime.

On Kot police found the bag containing cash, ATM card, smartphone and documents reported stolen by Tatiana Zotova, 28, and her boyfriend.

Zotova declined to press charges, but police had evidence the boys had been involved in other snatching cases and detained them.

Police said the boys confessed to the robbery, saying they wanted the money for partying.

A Pattaya traffic-police officer allegedly caught on video slapping a female Russian tourist claims only the camera angle made it look like he assaulted the woman.

Sen. Sgt. Maj. Noppakrit Pornwattankit pleaded innocence in the Dec. 31 incident that became another viral disaster for Pattaya tourism image. Security-camera footage of the scene was posted to YouTube and had been viewed about 50,000 times while making headlines worldwide.

The silent video shows police writing a ticket for a Russian couple. An argument ensues and, in the final seconds of the video, Noppakrit appears to slap the woman in the face.

Called in front of Pattaya Police Superintendent Col. Suwan Cheaonawinthawat, Noppakrit claimed he did not, in fact, strike the Russian. He only batted away her smartphone, which she was using the video record the incident, Noppakrit said.

The incident began, Noppakrit said, when he pulled over the Russian couple for driving their rented motorbike against traffic and wrote them a ticket for that as well as driving without a license. He said he ordered the bike seized, as per routine, and the couple sent to the police station to pay the fine.

Noppakrit said he left temporarily, but returned to find that the Russian woman had moved the bike to prevent its seizure. He then called the rental agency to take back the bike. When the men arrived, however, the Russian refused to surrender the bike and pulled out her mobile phone to video images of the police and rental agents involved.

Noppakrit admitted he became angry at being filmed and smacked the phone away. But from the angle of the security camera, it looked as if he struck the woman when, in fact, he didn’t, the officer contended.

Pattaya police declined to charge a visibly intoxicated Russian woman with drunk driving even after she smashed her Honda compact into a light pole.

Pattaya officials have ordered partially completed speed bumps / wheelchair paths across Beach Road demolished and rebuilt after their design was blamed for two more motorbike accidents last week.

The paths, 20cm high and seven meters wide, were designed to provide easy access across the busy road for wheelchairs, as well as control traffic speeds. However, after two more accidents were blamed on construction of the ramps, Pattaya officials ordered the paths to be lowered and widened.

The accidents, however, appeared to have more to do with speeding and drunk driving than any design flaw.

Cyclist Akorn Aaworn struck a well-marked construction area around 4 a.m. Dec. 21 while riding an unlicensed Honda motorbike. He suffered cuts the face and his helmet was found two meters from the body.

Police are assuming Khunakorn was drunk, as he sped through a zone lit by flashing lights.

Sanit Inkhunthot, 25, of Srakaew flew off his Honda motorbike after hitting another construction site, also suffering face wounds.

The victim blamed city hall for allowing construction that posed dangers to motorcyclists speeding drunkenly through town in the middle of the night.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh said the accessibility measures, part of a 139 million baht beachfront renovation project, are being installed at the intersections of Soi 3, Soi 9 and near Walking Street. In the wake of these two latest accidents, officials went to check on progress of the construction.

He said the paths will now be lowered and widened to 15 meters so as to not be such a jolt to moving vehicles.

A Russian who searched four days for the transvestite who stole his gold necklace finally got his man, but not his jewelry.

Police have arrested a transvestite for allegedly drugging and robbing a Russian tourist.

An elderly New Zealander who gave a transvestite prostitute his ATM code unsurprisingly was drugged and robbed of his wallet minutes later.

Bernard John Griffiths, 65, met up with the sticky-fingered ladyboy while strolling on Walking Street Dec. 17 and agreed to join him at a bar, the name of which he couldn’t recall later for police.

Finding himself short of cash to pay the bill, Griffiths adjourned to an ATM machine, woman-of-the-second-category in tow. Griffiths told police that he couldn’t withdraw any cash, however, because he couldn’t read the machine’s Thai language. Rather than choose “English” from the menu, the New Zealander said gave his card and the PIN code the prostitute, who helpfully withdrew 10,000 baht for him.

Not surprisingly, the man in a skirt didn’t want to let this particular Kiwi out of his sight and invited him to the Lucifer Disco. Griffiths told police they shared a beer together, but that he saw the suspect shaking his beverage before giving it to him. Asking why, he was told it was to clear the foam from the bottle. Griffiths took the ladyboy’s word for it and drank up, then quickly passed out in a corner.

Fifteen minutes later, he awoke to find himself alone and without his wallet, visa card, a diamond ring worth 8,000 NZ dollars, a gold necklace worth 3,000 NZ dollars and the 10,000 baht cash that was withdrawn from the visa card prior to the drugging.

In a turn of usual events, a transvestite complained to police he was drugged and robbed of about 80,000 baht by a man who picked him up in a bar.

Chakan Ari-uea, 26, filed a report with Pattaya police around 5 a.m. Dec. 17 that a gay man he met in an Issan-style pub on Petrakul Road the night before had robbed him after they went back to his hotel room. The ladyboy said three gold rings, two gold bracelets, watch, smartphone and 13,000 baht cash were taken.

The victim said he was eating at the pub when the suspects, along with five other men, approached him and began to chat. The suspect, whose name Chakan didn’t get, invited him back to his hotel. Chakan said a woman entered the room and gave him a glass of water. He soon passed out.

The victim doesn’t recall where the hotel was, so police are checking security camera footage at the pub to help determine the suspect’s identity.

The event may be a first for Pattaya where reports of transvestites drugging and robbing tourists has become commonplace.

A transvestite accused of using the Internet to bilk about 50 people out of 2 million baht was arrested by Pattaya police just minutes before he nearly escaped to South Korea.