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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 15:27

Man shot amid Third Road Songkran revelry

An argument stemming from Songkran revelry landed a Thai man in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Thanawut Kittiwittayasang, 34, sustained an 11mm wound to the chest in the April 19 shooting at the intersection of Third Road and Soi 2. He was taken to Banglamung Hospital were he was in serious condition.

The victim’s friend, Wacharin Prapanpat, 29, said Thanawut, a tattoo artist working near the Big C supermarket in North Pattaya, was dancing and having fun with the “Wan Lai” water fight when he accidentally struck a motorbike’s mirror with his arm.

The driver of the motorbike and his passenger got into a quarrel with the victim, which they settled by pulling out a handgun, which misfired once, then fired a second shot hitting Thanawut.

Police are questioning witnesses and checking area security cameras.

A truck full of drunk Songkran revelers were arrested after allegedly running through a police checkpoint and throwing beer bottles at pursuing officers.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 15:30

Teen arrested for necklace snatching

A teenager was arrested for allegedly stealing a gold necklace from a Chinese tourist.

Pheerapol Bangjonchob, 18, was apprehended by tourist Tian Qingren, 38, and held until police arrived at the scene in front of the PP Rangnok shop on Sukhumvit Road April 16.

Pattaya police arrested a transvestite for allegedly pick-pocketing a Dutch tourist in the Walking Street “safety area.”

A Cambodian construction worker is facing rape charges after a co-worker allegedly broke up an assault on his wife by nearly chopping off the suspect’s arm with a cleaver.

The suspect, identified only as “Jan,” 30, was taken to Banglamung Hospital with a severe wound to his left arm April 15. His attacker, identified only as “Somchai” was waiting for police and freely admitted to hacking Jan’s limb at the construction camp on Soi Wat Bunyakanchan Soi 7.

Somchai told police he had returned to his room to find Jan attempting to rape his wife. Crying and in shock, the 22-year-old woman accused Jan of raping her several times before, but said she had been too afraid to report the crime to either her husband or police.

Police brought Somchai and his wife in to give a statement, but did not file charges. The suspect would be interrogated and charged once he was released from the hospital, police said.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 17:21

2 arrested for bag snatching

Pattaya police ordered to step up efforts against handbag and jewelry snatchers captured a pair of 22-year-olds who allegedly robbed a Russian tourist.

Chonburi Maj. Gen. Khatcha Thatsart ordered Pattaya Police Superintendent Col. Supachai Puikaewkam to task more officers to patrol in order to prevent the frequent street robberies.

During one patrol, Kerlina Vaskanowis, 32, reported that two individuals on a Honda Wave motorbike stole her handbag containing an Apple iPhone, 1,020 baht and a motorbike helmet.

Police bring out the suspects to announce the arrest to the media.Police bring out the suspects to announce the arrest to the media.

Police scoured the area near the crime scene at Soi 3 and Second Road, quickly capturing Issan natives Saran Pinyoying and Danai Konkam.

Police said the pair confessed to snatching many bags because they were unemployed and needed cash for partying and expenses.

Police are investigating how a long-overstaying Dutchman died naked in a restroom at a Jomtien Beach massage parlor.

Police found the body of Petrus Lohannus Geling, 53, lying in the entrance of the bathroom at Jan & Phar Massage at Jomtien Beach Road and Soi 2 April 7. His eyes were open, arms extended and hands clenched tightly.

Shop owner Somphan Shinranad, 47, claimed that Geling had come into the shop earlier the evening before, saying he felt sick. She told police she let the Dutchman lie down and rest at no charge. He remained there after the shop closed. Somphan said she and a half-dozen employees had gone to bed and, in the middle of the night, discovered the dead body.

Police suspected something a bit more salacious happened, however. Physical evidence suggested Geling had recently had sexual relations of some sort. That, combined with him being nude, left investigators questioning about the shop owner’s story.

Investigators also discovered that Geling had been living illegally in Thailand for the past six years. In his room above a Banglamung beauty shop they found a passport, which expired Oct. 2012, and a visa that permitted his stay only until March 2008.

Pattaya’s new swimming-area buoys are being blamed for another death after a fully dress 19-year-old took a stroll on one of the pontoons, fell off and drowned.

Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:08

Russian fugitive arrested in Pattaya

Chonburi Immigration Police arrested an alleged Russian mafia figure hiding out in Pattaya.

Nikolai Alexandrov, 44, was taken into custody March 31 following a request from the Russian embassy. Alexandrov is wanted on a Russian arrest warrant for organized crime and gambling charges.

Approached by officers, Alexandrov freely admitted he was the man officers were looking for.

Nikolai Alexandrov.Nikolai Alexandrov.

A Danish tourist was killed and his wife seriously injured when their sidecar-motorbike was struck by a minibus in Pattaya.

Police found the body of Ole Larsen Tiplon Dotel, 67, lying on Sukhumvit Road in front of the Pattaya Post Office March 23. A hundred meters down the street was his unconscious wife, Tove Hansen Moellaard, 55. They had been staying on Soi 7 in Jomtien Beach.