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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 14:55

Suspected French pedophile, Thai pimp arrested

Human-trafficking police arrested a Frenchman for allegedly purchasing sexual services of a 13-year-old girl.

Pattaya police and Palisorn Noja, director of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center, raided a hotel on Soi Chalermprakiet 13 Oct. 11, arresting Arnaud Jean Nicolas Mariolle, 46, and 37-year-old Prapaporn Sawangram, the alleged Thai pimp who sold the Frenchman the young girl for 3,000 baht.

Police have arrested four teenagers and are seeking two more people for shooting a young couple after they left an all-night pub in Pattaya.

Nattapong Phon-guen, 19, was shot in the chest, stomach and face, while 17-year-old Nattawan Pathisarn suffered a single 9mm gunshot to the stomach. Both were in fair condition after being hospitalized.

Security cameras caught images of two young Thai men who allegedly stole a thin gold chain from a disabled woman in central Pattaya.

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:48

Russian fugitive found hiding in Pattaya

Immigration police rounded up a Russian fugitive hiding in Pattaya and prepared to deport him home to face robbery charges.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 16:13

2 arrested in East Pattaya robbery, shooting

A former employee and his brother-in-law have been arrested for allegedly shooting his former boss and two others during a robbery of about 100,000 baht in gold and electronics from a Pattaya beauty-care shop.

The wife and sister-in-law of a Jomtien Beach apartment house owner were arrested along with two men for allegedly assault and kidnapping.

Boonam Yodthonglang, 40, and her sister Hathaipan Yodthonlang, 37, were arrested in Buriram Sept. 22 when police rescued Thanasak Pibulsukying, 53, owner of the Mansion 73 building at the Dongtan Beach curve. The following day, alleged accomplices Kriengkrai Panchayapumi, 25, and Natee Sripromma, 28, turned themselves in to Region 2 provincial police.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:57

2 Russians arrested on ATM fraud charges

Two Russian men were arrested for allegedly using counterfeit electronic cards to rob Pattaya ATMs.

Kasikorn Bank security officials alerted police Sept. 25 that teller machines across the city were being looted by two foreigners. Officers obtained photos of the suspects, who they located on Second Road near the TKH Kitchenware shop. They watched as the men removed cash, then moved to another ATM down the road. Then they made their move.

Evgenii Kurbatov (left) and Sergei Popov (right) were apprehended with 36 fake ATM cards and cash.Evgenii Kurbatov (left) and Sergei Popov (right) were apprehended with 36 fake ATM cards and cash.

Sergei Popov, 27, and Evgenii Kurbatov, 36, were apprehended with 36 fake ATM cards and 20,000 baht cash.

Police said the two confessed to buying the fake cards in Russia for $1,000 and said that the victimized accounts are all in Europe and Asia.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:56

Scotsman dead in apparent suicide

An Scottish man fired from his job after staying in Pattaya for three months died after apparently hanging himself in his Pratamnak Hill apartment.

The body of Michael John White, 27, was founding hanging from a luggage strap tied to a shower-curtain rod at the Press Condominium on Soi Ratchavarun Sept. 24.

Other than the fatal injury, the body showed no other signs of assault, although the apartment was torn asunder.

Girlfriend Pacharee Wapadthai, 24, said that before he died she had arrived at the apartment to find him engaged in a serious conversation on the phone. When he hung up, White told her that he’d been fired from his job with a security company in Ireland.

She said her boyfriend told her he could no longer financially support her and advised her to go home to Buriram. She refused, thinking White might do something drastic to himself.

He excused himself and went into bathroom. She thought nothing of it until some time passed and knocked on the door to get no reply. Security at the apartment house broke the door to find him dead.

A physically impaired German beggar who blew 40,000 baht in donations on hookers and booze in Pattaya was thrown in immigration jail until he could be deported.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:13

Police cadets visit Pattaya

Forty-six police cadets took in hostage negotiations, weapons demonstrations and a martial arts show when they visited Pattaya police headquarters.

Pattaya’s police chief, Pol. Col. Supathee Bungkhrong greeted the 46 cadets from Provincial Police Training Center Region 2 and their instructor, Lt. Col. Thippawan Chatyapha Sept. 25.

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