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Local residents on Thappraya Road in South Pattaya thought they were watching a scene from a crime movie on Wednesday afternoon when over 50 officers which included the Military, police from Pattaya and Banglamung and members of the excise department, raided a second floor rented room above Altos restaurant.

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 16:04

Top regional officer visits Chonburi Immigration

The deputy commander of Immigration Division 3 inspected operations at the Chonburi Immigration Office, instructing Pattaya-area officers to focus harder on illegal migrant workers.

More than 200 Chonburi police set up roadblocks across Pattaya in an effort to locate stolen motorbikes.

Deputy commander Pol. Col. Trirong Puephan gathered officers from 22 police stations in front of Pattaya’s police headquarters Jan. 25 to dispatch them to set up checkpoints to suppress crime and try to track down countless motorbikes stolen in the region.

Pol. Col. Trirong divided forces into six teams on major Pattaya roads to inspect oft-stolen bikes, such as Honda MSX and Super X models.

If a bike is found unregistered, lacking license plates or other legal documentation, it was seized on the spot. Drivers were also checked to determine if they had previous arrest records.

The checkpoint on Second Road yielded immediate results as police waved over a group of youths and, upon searching them, found a bottle of ketamine on 25-year-old Phantachart Srisopa and four more bottles in his sidecar.

He denied knowledge of the drugs and was arrested for further investigation.

Pattaya-area immigration officials continued their crackdown on visa overstayers, catching two men, including one who has lived in Thailand illegally for nearly three years.

Arab Mohsan, 50, was arrested just after midnight Jan. 20 near Jomtien Soi 17. A check of his passport revealed he had overstayed his visa by 1,090 days.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 14:22

New visa-overstay blacklisting begins March 20

The Immigration Bureau will begin blacklisting foreigners who overstay their visas starting March 20.

New rules approved Nov. 27 will prohibit overstayers from re-entering the kingdom for up to 10 years, depending on how long they resided illegally in Thailand.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 14:18

2 Frenchmen busted for fake ATM cards

Two French nationals were arrested for allegedly using fake electronic cards to rob ATMs in Pattaya.

Rachid Zahoum, 32, and Yousseef Daiman were captured immediately after hitting two Siam Commercial Bank teller machines on Soi Buakhao Jan. 11.

Immigration police have arrested a British man who they claim has been hiding out illegally in Thailand for more than 4 1/2 years from drugs and pornography charges back home.

Paul Stephen Davies, 45, was apprehended at a house on Soi Khao Talo 8 Jan. 13.

Police discovered he had overstayed his visa by 1,658 days dating back to 2011.

He was turned over to Banglamung Police to be processed for deportation.

Police claim Paul Stephen Davies is a fugitive wanted back in Britain.Police claim Paul Stephen Davies is a fugitive wanted back in Britain.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 14:11

Elderly Italian busted for arson

An 80-year-old Italian expat has been arrested on arson charges after showing up at the Immigration Bureau to report his address.

Giorgio Lembo was taken into custody Jan. 11 at the Chonburi Immigration Office in Jomtien Beach when he went for his 90-day report, which can be done online or in person.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 14:11

Masseuse robbed of motorbike

A local masseuse was robbed of her motorbike in a knifepoint attack in central Pattaya.

Tassawan Siririt, 36, called police to report she had been robbed around midnight Jan. 5 when she stopped for food on the way to her sister’s room on Soi Arunothai.

Two men in black on a motorbike cut her off before one took her bike at knifepoint.

Police recorded the information and will survey local CCTV cameras to try to track down the thieves.

Pattaya karaoke bar owner was arrested on charges of pimping out a 16-year-old girl.

Sommai Chongthanakamol, 48, was taken into custody during a sting operation where an undercover informant masqueraded as a tourist at Nangfa Karaoke on Third Road. After beers were served, he was joined by the teenage girl and, soon after, Sommai, who allegedly told the operative that, for 400 baht, the girl could escort him off the premises. Fees for additional services would be arranged separately.

Sommai Chongthanakamol (left) has been arrested for pandering an underage girl and other prostitution-related charges.Sommai Chongthanakamol (left) has been arrested for pandering an underage girl and other prostitution-related charges.

Once the cash was exchanged, officers swooped in. Sommai was charged with pandering an underage girl and other prostitution-related charges.

The girl was taken to a government shelter and will be encouraged to press additional charges, including human trafficking, police said.

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