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A Pattaya staff manager was arrested on human-trafficking charges after police raided a Soi LK Metro go-go bar and found three underage girls dancing semi-nude on stage.

Chonburi Immigration Police stormed the Amethyst Club June 24, finding a cache of foreign customers snuggled with women amid loud Russian music and scantily clad dancers on stage. All the customers were ordered to leave and police checked the remaining staff.

Police raided the Amethyst Club on Soi LK Metro and found 3 underage girls dancing there.Police raided the Amethyst Club on Soi LK Metro and found 3 underage girls dancing there.

Officers discovered two of the dancers were 15 years old and another was 16. Initially considered victims of human trafficking, the trio was placed under the care of the Chonburi Children and Family Home.

Police said Tharichathaporn Tengmeesri, 40, confessed to being the “mamasan” for the female staff and was arrested and charged with human trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor. Bar manager Nimith Chaithong, 35, also was arrested and charged with employing minors in an entertainment venue.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:18

3 arrested for guns, motorbike thefts

Banglamung police announced the arrest of two men and a teenager for separately putting together guns and taking apart motorbikes.

Paisan Daungsopa, 57, was arrested at his home June 23 where police found a 38-caliber pistol, five steel gun frames, six barrels and various pieces of gun-manufacturing equipment.

Jailed a year in 2010 for illegally making firearms, Paisan was accused of not only manufacturing pistols again, but teaching others, including 10 Burmese men, how to do it.

He was charged with illegal weapons possession.

Motorcycle thief Saharat Polraj (left) and gun maker Paisan Daungsopa (right) were arrested and had their cache of gun and motorcycle parts confiscated.Motorcycle thief Saharat Polraj (left) and gun maker Paisan Daungsopa (right) were arrested and had their cache of gun and motorcycle parts confiscated.

Separately, Saharat Polraj, 19, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested at a Banglamung checkpoint after officers saw them riding motorbikes with fake and missing license plates. The Honda Waves matched the description of those reported stolen.

Police said Saharat confessed to being the leader of the “Baby-Tooth Gang” which used six minors ages 14-17 to steal motorbikes around the Pattaya area. The bikes were then disassembled and their parts sold.

Officers searched the gang’s Nong Plalai headquarters and found two motorbikes, two frames, various engines and 25 spare parts.

Three beachfront thugs were arrested for two separate attacks on foreign tourists in Pattaya.

Katawut Padpao, 27, was apprehended for allegedly assaulting Frenchman Jorge Vieira, 37, on Pattaya Beach around 2 a.m. June 22.

Katawut told police he, in fact, was the victim and that he had been chased down and beat up by the French national. Police didn’t believe him.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:04

60 illegal migrant workers deported

The Chonburi Immigration Office deported more than 60 Vietnamese and Cambodian migrants found working illegally across the province.

The arrests came during raids of construction camps all over Chonburi, particularly near Rayong, Sriracha and greater Pattaya. Not only did they not have work permits, many didn’t even have passports.

A Burmese man knifed in a gang attack in front of a Pattaya mall is facing rape charges and deportation while the teens who attacked him walked away free.

Jai Khamsaen, 22, was set upon by 10 youths ages 15-18 on the Beach Road side of Royal Garden Plaza June 16. He suffered slash wounds to the shoulder and was transported to Banglamung Hospital for treatment.

One of the 16-year-old attackers said the gang had assaulted Jai because he allegedly raped his 15-year-old sister. He then called Jai to meet him at the mall to “discuss” the situation and when the Burmese man appeared, the gang pounced.

Police later questioned the 15-year-old sister who told them Jai had raped her June 12 while her brother and his friends were at the beach.

She had gone to the restroom and Jai followed her in. She told police she was afraid to report it, but she told friends who told her brother.

Jai reportedly confessed to police he had sex with the girl, but said it was consensual.

Police said the rape charge remains under investigation, but they discovered Jai was in Thailand without a passport and now faces immigration charges and deportation as well.

The knife-wielding gang members, meanwhile, were all released without charge.

Burmese Jai Khamsaen, knifed in a gang attack in front of a Pattaya mall, is facing rape charges and deportation.Burmese Jai Khamsaen, knifed in a gang attack in front of a Pattaya mall, is facing rape charges and deportation.

A Jordanian man who took a fake passport to the Chonburi Immigration Office to have a fake visa extended was arrested and deported after officials recognized the obvious forgery.

Police arrested a self-proclaimed “mafia” member accused to knifing a rival on Pattaya Beach.

Pairoj Noypratum, 23, was brought to a police press conference June 8, three days after allegedly assaulting Weerasak Wanthong, 32, near the night bazaar market on Pattaya Beach.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 12:27

Man arrested for shisha use

A Roi Et man was arrested for smoking shisha in public.

Art Chaiyarat, 24, was found at a storefront in South Pattaya minutes after midnight June 1.

Police took him into custody for smoking baraku tobacco in public. They then searched the premises for supplies of the banned tobacco product.

No baraku was found. Officers recovered only some smoking paraphernalia. But they determined the shop had no license and so arrested owner Sukanya Amto for that offense.

Police confiscated hooka water pipes from a store in South Pattaya.Police confiscated hooka water pipes from a store in South Pattaya.

Metropolitan Police Bureau officers arrested a transvestite wanted for robbery in Bangkok plying his trade on Walking Street.

Pol. Lt. Col. Wachiraporn Wongboon, chief inspector at the Lumpini Police Station in the capital, captured Nawin Maunsaiyad, 22 of Sa Kaeo June 4 in Pattaya.

A Pattaya pedestrian stumbled upon a windfall when he found a foreigner’s wallet containing about 100,000 baht, but turned it in to police.

Pongkun Duangchareonpakin, 39, said he found the wallet on Central Road June 3. Inside was 360 baht, 3,200 US dollars, credit cards and personal documents.

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