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Chonburi immigration police were taught how to better detect foreign criminals while providing better service to tourists at a seminar in Jomtien Beach.

Pol. Col. Jedsada Yaisun, deputy commander of Immigration Division 3, spoke to officers about increasing efficiency of their services, ranging from visa renewals to 90-day reporting to issuing work permits to alien workers.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 11:52

Repairman arrested for attempted rape

A repairman was arrested after being beat up by Naklua residents for allegedly trying a rape a university student.

Police found a bruised and battered Rungroj Boongerd, 36, being held by residents of the Lumpini Condominium July 19 after he allegedly broke into a three-story shophouse to attack a 20-year-old Chonburi university student.

Two western men died three days apart of apparent heart attacks, one of which likely was brought on by sexual-performance drugs.

Bela Schreiber, 75, succumbed July 19 in his room at the Day-Night Hotel on South Road.

Police called to the scene found several Viagra tablets on his bed stand and a distraught 35-year-old women who said he collapsed as they were having sex.

Wiphan Duangmanee of Yasothorn told police she had known Schreiber for a while and they would frequently meet up in his room.

Police suspect the blood pressure-raising erectile dysfunction medication exacerbated an existing heart condition.

On July 16, medics were called to the Gran Niran Condo in Central Pattaya where they found the lifeless body of Icelander Einar B Gudjonsson, 75.

He, too, had been in bed when he suffered a heart attack. His girlfriend of three months, Sunee Thongsamlit, 47 of Nakhon Pathom, said he had chest pains out of the blue.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 11:40

Money changer robbed of 600,000 baht

Police are looking for several men who robbed a Pattaya money changer of 600,000 baht.

Sitthichoke Charonepipatsin, 57, was found unconscious and his motorbike fallen on him outside the Viriya Apa Apartment on Soi Chalermprakiet 2/2 July 25. He was taken to Banglamung Hospital for treatment.

A security guard told police he heard noises like teenagers running amok behind the apartment building. When he arrived he found the unconscious Sitthichoke, who changed money for tour groups.

In a wooded area nearby, police recovered a metal bar and a plastic bag they believed held the 600,000 baht in cash.

Investigators believed two or three men had laid in wait for the money changer and attacked him when he made his customary arrival at the apartment building.

Immigration police arrested two suspected human traffickers and apprehended 19 Cambodians en route to jobs in Chonburi.

Officers from Immigration Division 3 in Jomtien Beach on July 22 reported they had intercepted two Toyota minivans in two separate incidents in Chachoengsao Province.

Eleven South Koreans were arrested for allegedly operating three online-betting operations in Pattaya.

Provincial and Transnational Crime Coordination Center police raided a house in the Wonderland development on Soi Pothisan in Naklua July 15, finding four Korean men in front of computers. The screens showed four online gambling websites with 145 players gambling the equivalent of 800,000 baht.

Pattaya police say they will bring charges against members of a mob that attacked a group of plainclothes officers investigating counterfeit merchandise sales at the Grand Hall Market.

Deputy suppression chief Pol. Lt. Col. Kwanpichai Manochareonsap, Pol. Capt. Raphipong Sarathi and two other officers sustained injuries requiring stitches in the July 4 brawl with vendors at the South Pattaya market. They were treated and released from Banglamung Hospital.

An American pedophile jailed in 2012 for molesting a 13-year-old boy in a Pattaya shopping mall restroom is headed back to the US to face more charges after being pardoned and deported.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 13:26

Briton sees golden gift stolen hours later

A British man who received a 60,000 baht gold necklace as a gift from his wife saw it ripped from his neck by thieves just three hours later.

Darren James Hall, 37, and Anothai Hall, 29, filed a complaint with police July 10, saying that while they were walking from a South Pattaya market where she bought the 3-baht-weight necklace, two youths in sportswear drove by on a motorbike and snatched the thick chain from Darren’s neck.

Police quickly mobilized, but were unable to find the thieves. They are now checking CCTV footage to try and track them down.

Darren and Anothai Hall file a report with police, filling in details of the gold snatch and run.Darren and Anothai Hall file a report with police, filling in details of the gold snatch and run.

A third suspect in an international extortion ring that targeted a French businessman in Pattaya has been captured.

Natalia Makian, 31, was captured by Chonburi Immigration police outside a house in the Chokchai Garden Home 2 Village June 29, five weeks after her alleged Russian and British cohorts were nabbed for allegedly kidnapping Frenchman Laurent Thery over failure to pay protection money.

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