4-year-old dies at South Pattaya nursery school


A 4-year-old boy died after accidentally strangling himself with the handle from a hammock.

Rapheephat Mhaeykhobklaang had been playing with another young child Aug. 27 at the Wat Chaimongkol Child Development Center. The two were spinning the bed and, as they did, the handle wrapped around young Nong Model’s neck and he suffocated.

His playmate ran to call nursery school staff, but they were unable to revive him. The boy was pronounced dead at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Funeral services were held at Wat Nong-O in central Pattaya, with mourning family members joined by staff of nursery school and Jintana Maensurin, director of the Pattaya Education Department.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the boy’s death and whether the school should be held responsible for negligence.