4 Lithuanians arrested in 35 million baht ATM card theft


Four Lithuanians were arrested for allegedly using fake electronic cards to steal up to 35 million baht from Thai ATMs over the past seven weeks.

Rimantas Vaiculus, 19, Gintaras Kapocius, 21, Paulius Raskauskas, 21, and Julius Petraska, 19, were apprehended in Pattaya Oct. 14 after a fraud report from Siam Commercial Bank. A police search of their hotel room recovered an ATM passcode reader and 450 counterfeit ATM and credit cards.

Four Lithuanian men have been arrested for ATM card theft.Four Lithuanian men have been arrested for ATM card theft.

Police said the men admitted they’d been working in the kingdom for about seven weeks, looting 4-5 million baht a week from ATMs. The victims were all in Europe.

Investigators said the suspects claimed they were working for a German man who paid them 5 percent of the proceeds.

  • Ali khan

    Such kind of fraud also happens everyday in Bangkok but police take monthly from credit card stolen people, so how can get justice???
    Well as what I know about a famous gang in bkk who steel credit cards and get cash…their main area is fortune tower, the boss name is Faisal butt his men who steel cards for him and he cash the cards…Faisal Butt name is already in police record online but….