2 Sattahip trash men injured in fight over karaoke girl


Two garbage men were injured after a brawl over a karaoke girl in Sattahip.

Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan medics found Prawit Chinwiwattnapol, 26, and Chatree Sreeploi, 23, unconscious and bleeding at a karaoke bar in Wirakorn Village Sept. 3. They were taken to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center where a total of 20 stitches were administered.

Witnesses said the two Sattahip sanitation workers had been drinking alcohol and flirting with a girl working in the bar. A gang of ten youths from outside the province also wanted her attention and, to get their way, attacked the victims, they said.

The 10 youths smashed both men with soda bottles, knocking them out, before fleeing the scene.