Wild dogs on Thappraya Road



Last Thursday, Nov. 29, a very nice Canadian lady living at Royal Cliff Garden was viciously attacked by 5 wild dogs. I met her today in our car park as she was returning from the hospital (3rd visit since Thursday). She fears infection or rabies from these wild rabid dogs with claw wounds & tooth punctures.

I asked if she reported it but she said no, just going to the hospital, worried about rabies or worse.

There were 4 or 5 people (falang & Thai) standing around there but did nothing to help.

I feel sad about it and felt I had to tell someone about this.

Woefully yours,

George Strampp

Ed’s note: City hall declined responsibility, saying there is no office or head officer to talk to about any reimbursement on medical care expenses. They said people will have to report stray dogs to the city hall and they will send a team to catch them.