What’s the go?


Dear Sir

What’s the go in this country? How many holidays does the gov want a year? Are they all teetotalers? Shut the bars, girls miss out on their pay, bar owners still have rent to pay, no money free in the garden, all they do is hurt their own people. No money leads to crime. No work no pay not like gov. Who keeps the place going? Tourism that’s who.

And no dam football to see because of the high and mighty.

Yours sincerely,

Dicky Knee


  • Robert

    As my grand dad used to say: “I do not agree with it but it is their religion.” It is also their country and priorities. The days off are useful and traditional in a country where “on season” many people work seven days a week twelve hours a day or more. By the way, this is off peak season now, the workers need and deserve to see their families. Government offices are closed. Many Thai businesses close for the month and take a vacation themselves. Further, you overlook the importance of manufacturing within ASEAN. Outside the Pattaya “bubble” there is a whole country also nick named “the Detroit of Asia.” Tourism may be growing if all is to be believed, (I don’t) but it is no longer growing in the sex tourism circles for certain. Try “Frasiers” (Not a Hostess Bar) on Thruppraya Road in Jomtien. If they don’t have every football game in the world on screen simultaneously no one has.

  • John Nielson

    Contrary to the belief among some, Thailand does not depend on sex and drunks to survive. If your vacation is spoiled because the bars are closed on a holiday you might want to review your own priorities.

    • Dana

      Nobody has to review priorities. We seek pleasure and we avoid pain. It will all sort itself out. I know why I travel to the Kingdom but I do not recommend it to anyone else.

  • Chris

    “Who keeps the place going? Tourism that’s who.”
    Contrary to what you seem to believe tourism is NOT what keeps Thailand going it is an important but not the main source of revenue in Thailand.
    Of course if you don’t like it there is no one forcing you to come or stay here so why not just go away and grow up a bit, this is NOT your country do not seek to dictate to them. If you are struggling to go a day or two without a beer then I would suggest you have a serious problem and should seek help for it.

    • Don Aleman

      Ah Chris, & John, I admire your willingness to accept as a paying customer, not a guest, the Thai restrictions. One can only imagine a Disney in California, closing for the president’s birthday or, the sunshine state banning beach chairs/umbrellas, liquor during ridiculous holidays, rarely giving visitors any advance notice,usually blaming/arresting the foreigner for all bad things ? You see Chris, people go to resort cities, to get what THEY want not what the resort wants. For some totally unjustifiable reason Thailand believes it is a highly desired place for holidayers and even their own domestics & frankly, without sex/alcohol driven masses it offers little else.Temples, back breaking elephant treks, floods, homicidal traffic,scammers everywhere ?
      When the negatives outnumber the positives, very close now, then the paying guest will leave and the $ $ $ $ gap will be much larger then government figures suggest.

      • Chris

        Solution would appear to be simple for you really, if you don’t like it don’t come. I personally can manage a day or two without alcohol and I feel genuinely sorry for you if you cannot.
        At the end of the day no body is forcing you to come and stay in Thailand that is YOUR choice. Would you expect there to be bars and gogo clubs in a Muslim country just because tourists might like it, of course not you would either accept it or not go, same applies here.

        • Don Aleman

          I don’t drink Chris, nor chase women, ( I have my own ), but object to restrictions placed on others who do. Your ” go home if you don’t like it it” is an extremely limp argument frequently used by those who have no argument at all. No one in their right mind,
          ( excepting archaeologists & SM’s), goes to a Muslim dominated country.Oddly I do witness an increasing number of Muslims attending local Go Gos. I have lived here 13 years, venture outside rarely, and my threshold signals entry into Sovereign U.S.A. My home, where ever it is, is truly MY castle wherein you can smoke/drink & generally have a good time – free !

          • Chris

            ” No one in their right mind,
            ( excepting archaeologists & SM’s), goes to a Muslim dominated country”
            I think you will find that millions of tourists visit Muslim dominated countries every year, Egypt and Malaysia to name but 2.
            I do not believe that ANY country should change its culture and tradition merely to suit visitors.

  • Robert

    It is not difficult to “google” a list of Thai official holidays so you can avoid being a tourist here at the time of any “inconvenience.”