What was his name?


Dear Editor,

I read Colin Kaye’s report of the recent visit to Pattaya of the Korean Opera Singers at St. Nikolaus Church and Casa Pascale. What a tremendous piece of writing this was and in the centre pages no less. Regrettably I was unable to attend either performance but reading his report I actually felt I had been there. His remarkable writing was so alive and informative and I hope he continues for many years to come.

I enjoyed his comment re. ‘Funiculi Funicula’ and his question as to how many readers were aware of the song being used to commemorate the first Funiculi rail on Mount Vesuvius. Colin, with my hand on my heart, I knew that, as this Aria is indeed on of my top ten all-time favourites and one I can actually sing, in my own modest way, in Italian.

Now I have a question for Mr. Kaye. He wrote that at St. Nikolaus Church performance the Troupe did a rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’ (None Shall Sleep) from Pucini’s “Turandot”. The synopsis of the story being that Turandot’s admirer wanted very much to kiss her but she refused. Her admirer then posed a situation to her: “If by morning you can discover my name, I shall take my own life, however, if you fail then you have to let me kiss you.” Turandot’s Court then set about trying to find his name, thus ‘None Shall Sleep’. Naturally they failed and the kiss had to take place. My question: How many Readers actually know his name? I swear on a bunch of Bibles ‘I DO!’

I am sure Mr. Kaye also knows the answer.

Also, as I am sure, many of your readers know that ‘Nessun Dorma’ was used by the BBC as their World Cup Anthem for the 1990 World Cup held in Italy, and which when re-released by Luciano Pavarotti earned him a Platinum Album. One million copies sold. This being presented to him by Sir Bobby Charlton at his concert in, I believe Medina. A performance I watched on TV in England.

Dear Editor, I am going to send you a separate message not for publication’ giving the answer. Keep it for record purposes.

Finally, once again Colin, thank you for an exhilarating piece of journalism.

Rodney G.