Treat people with respect



Re: 3 security guards questioned in drowning death of British ex-con off Walking Street (PM Friday, 14 December 2012) – When in Thailand, treat people with respect then you won’t have to jump off into the water in the first place. I don’t like to talk ill of the dead but sounds an unsavoury character and the Thais should not be charged.


  • You are not judge and jury…fool. Remember it took a long time for the security guards to turn themselves in,they are not the law the Police are…

  • Dana

    Another Thai incident about which we do not have all of the information and about which we will never have all of the information. And can you imagine questioning Thais regarding anything that has to do with foreigners? They are brought up from birth being told that non-Thais do not have equal rights or . . . equal anything. And you are now going to try and get accurate information? Good luck.