Traffic lights and road fatality problem


Dear Editor:

Since my first response regarding the operation of the traffic lights throughout town in December of 2010, it is sad to hear in your article April 22nd that this project is basically a total failure and waste of money. One doesn’t have to live or be Thai to understand where the problem laid. One wonders what could have been done with the one hundred and twenty plus millions that was spent on this disaster. Another disaster is the on going construction on the road in Jomtien, as is the project considering a tram around town. If history presents itself again and again this will be a disaster and waste of money too!

Chonburi panel tackles road fatality problems: Here again everyone knows what the problem is and who is responsible. The Thais are getting good like the Chinese in practicing the Art of War philosophy that when there is a problem just divert it to someone or somewhere else. “The commission subcommittees will gather accident statistics, determine the cause of smashups and the risk factors involved. Another group will work to prevent accidents by improving navigational information and minimizing that risk factor.” Before you spend all this money and time I will tell you like I told you about the lights! “It won’t help.” Go to Soi Nernplabwan and stand outside the police box passed Soi 8, and watch the driving habits. There lays your answer and when you realize it the question is whether you have the fortitude to do what is right throughout this city and set a example for the rest of Thailand.

But the real reality is in a year’s time we will still be talking about the same thing because doing nothing and continuing to accept the corruption while the population suffers and dies each day is easier than doing something. This actually comes from someone who wasn’t born but lives here who actually cares about Thai people and others.

Good luck,

Jeff Chumuchi