Traffic is getting worse



One of the delights of living in Pattaya compared to Bangkok has always been the better traffic. Alas, with the increased development (around Wong Amat beach in particular), this is coming to an abrupt end. The area along Naklua Road from Soi 12 to Soi 20 (in particular Soi 18) is now at times a car park with buses clogging traffic in both directions.

What are the authorities at City Hall doing about this? So far, a couple of street signs telling people not to park on one side of the road have made no difference (these require policing). The area needs a complete overhaul immediately, and to a non-expert like myself the logical solution is making a system of one-way streets as happens along Beach Road. Some smaller sois also need to be off-limits to buses (which applies to many streets in Pattaya).

I hope changes can be made quickly in order to improve the quality of life of the local residents.

John Roman

Soi 16, Naklua

  • Mike

    Part of the solution has to be a minimum number of people on each tour bus or the bus is not allowed to travel in the inner city / congested zones.

    I see too many bus (big ones) with only 5 or 10 passengers on board. This may impact a few bus drivers and tour companies but the long term impact of not treating the issue will hit the local economy harder.

    My query is.. how do we lobby the local government in this respoect?

  • Richard

    Everyone seems to complain about traffic but never see themselves as part of the problem. I was stuck for ages on Sukhumvit road or some such complaint, well stop driving and give everyone else a bit more room.

  • Marc Hawkes

    It seems common sense to have large tour buses restricted to the ‘Bus Terminal’ ie: where we board buses for Bangkok. Pattaya is made up of a myriad of tiny soi’s. Hence, vehicle size should at the maximum be ‘mini-van’ size. Almost a no-brainer. Town planning even in newly released land being developed towards Jomtien is totally absent. One would have thought that the newly developed areas would have side-walks and underground cables – after learning from the mess in developed parts. Sadly, not. The problem with common sense is it ain’t very common. The traffic is bad and headed for worse once the 4000+ condo units in Pattaya get ready over 2013 & 2014. By that stage it will become attractive to live at Hua Hin or elsewhere and leave a heavily smog-filled and traffic-clogged Pattaya to the locals and other one eyed die-hards !! The joy of being a ‘farang’ is our ability to up and leave when things get unbearable. Thailand has laws for everything including ‘a ban on prostitution’. Maybe common-sense will allow govt. & police to implement a fraction of the traffic laws.