Tourists being punished



Is City Hall determined to drive away the independent tourist? Perhaps they only want the Japanese and Chinese bus parties?

Last year the government forced the closure of the beach for one day a week. So we pay for 7 days holiday, but can only use the beach for six.

Today most of the beach umbrella and deckchair vendors were closed in Jomtien – I believe they will be closed for a week for some petty infringement of the ‘rules’. The transgressors are punished, but so are the tourists. Why would anyone go to Jomtien if you cannot go on the beach? Both locals and tourists need protection from the sun and somewhere comfortable to sit.

Soi Buakhao is now closed to baht buses. Why? It either forces you to walk in 30C heat along pavements too narrow to walk as a couple side by side and so uneven that you have to permanently look down to avoid tripping up; or 6 taxis, or 12 motorcycle taxis will be needed to replace one baht bus.
All these rules and this thoughtless enforcement is utterly stupid and will result in great loss of income to the businesses along Soi Buakow and it will become yet another place tourists cannot reach.

I have been in love with Thailand for 40 years and my wife and I have been coming to Pattaya for 30 years, but I wonder if we will ever come back with all this stupid hassle and ever worsening service for the tourist.

Arthur Moore