Their own rule of the road


Dear Editor;

Thailand has got gold for the worst road safely on the world, which is no surprise as most drivers want to get to their destination as fast as possible before everyone else.

Saving lives by wearing helmets would definitely reduce the problem but why don’t the authorities get to the root of the problem and stop under age children driving as they have no road care. They only see the car in front which has to be passed on the outside, inside, or on the pavement. Also, while driving they are in conversation with their passenger or checking and reading a text and if it’s raining holding an umbrella up to keep dry. None of this gives them full concentration on driving or control of the vehicle.

It’s about time the authorities get a grip and stop people driving who don’t have a license, haven’t passed a test and don’t have insurance or wear a crash helmet. When this happens it will be safer for everyone on the roads and on the pavement.

When showing an accident on TV or a picture in the press most of the time a motorcycle is involved. Why? Because they can’t wait or check before pulling out or changing directions, or they drive against the glow of traffic. They have their own rule of the road.

UK Ian

  • pierre A

    I agree with your road statment concerning the lake of rules inforcement.
    Unfortunately the over speed is only one part of the bigger picture.
    So considering driving under alcohol and drugs influence, without any civic
    concern and zero care of other people (need to have fun and feel free right?),
    And all that topped with so much friendly ( and corrupted) road police officers,
    I don’t see any chance this deadly mess will get better.
    The roots are deep and numerous.

    • wayne

      I was smashed into by a scam artist. I looked both left & right indicated to turn right waited for it to be clear looked again it was clear so started to turn right CRASH! out of no where some arsehole hit me a guy went to take my Mbike key I grabbed it walked my bike to one side then went to the other guy he said sorry his interpreter said I indicated left not right to which I went mad. I told her I passed a learners test I passed a written test I passed a full test for both motorbike & car in UK I drove lorries in the Army( TA) & I passed my test in Thailand & he’s saying I don’t know my left from right. In any country you do not overtake a vehicle on the side it’s indicating to turn so you can F=== O== for any money but how about paying for my treatment & repairs? I was called away by gym staff looked around & hey they had gone. but was told if a policeman had been there I would have had to pay as they’re in the scam. I agree about minors .no crash helmets & drivers in Thailand I won’t ride a motorbike here again

  • Chris

    The root cause is the lack of will by the police to effectively police the laws, partly through idleness and partly through corruption.