Take your pick



Re: Pattaya officials try talking out jet ski problem (PM Friday, 11 September 2015) – Same old same old… When were jet skis NOT being investigated? Pattaya Beach is probably best known for the antics of these thugs who have consistently dragged its image thru the mud and almost singlehandedly nearly destroyed a tourist friendly activity.

By the same token, in comparison to Phuket, it might not be too bad. Try swimming at Patong Beach with those terrible parasailors, jet skis, nearly total absence of shade on the beach, umbrellas are virtually banned, motorbikes driving thru the public, and other cute restrictions imposed by the current powers that be. Their skis in particular are put under the hammer with regular monotony and inevitably, seem to have solutions disappear, as in their tuk tuks and taxis, etc.

So, take your pick. Where you gunna go the next time? Cheers, and good luck crossing the road.

Ted Partridge