Stray dogs and rabies



In my past 17 years of dealing with stray dogs in Thailand (Jomtien area), giving water, food, treats up to a 100 a day, having over 200 dogs, 60 cats sterilized, given shots if needed, many fixed from being hurt, never bit, none ever had or has rabies.

I wish they had used a tad more sense when they ran all this information and said where the areas were. I find that a stray dog, with water, food, many being petted, giving them treats, is much safer to be around than a thirsty, hungry, scared dog. Now I have people (farangs) telling me to stop, some yelling at me, as they drive by. I have asked Pattaya City Hall for over 14 years to have the prisoners take in the strays, learn how to sterilize the dogs, bathe, train, have adopted, both the prisoner and dog gets love, prisoner learns a trade, makes a little baht, so when released, his/her odds of a job and a meal, are in his/her favor.

I have also asked Pattaya City Hall for enough land (there is plenty) to free range, vet and helpers on site, open to public, donations welcomed, fix containers for housing.

That’s my story. I have given blood, sweat, tears to the less fortunate humans and animals, also cleaning the beaches, doing my best to educate by setting examples. I’m turning 80 this April and still doing my best to make a difference for the better.

Mahalo for sharing,

Gerry aka KOTO “Keeper Of The Ocean”

  • david craig

    There are over 4 million stray dogs in Thailand. Stray dogs have made many areas of Pattaya and Jomtien into ‘no-go’ areas, especially for runners/joggers. The stray dogs should be rounded up and disposed of.

    • Dana

      david craig • 3 months ago

      There are over 4 million stray dogs in Thailand.

  • xyz yer

    I can say that there are packs of dogs in Jomtien and many bark, fight and F. Then more little cute puppies everywhere.
    A long term permanent solution needs to be found before there is an out break of Rabies.
    Once there is an out break then there will be a problem as the city hall will come down and the dogs will disappear.
    Pro active or Re active –