Stop plundering the planet



Re: New Year Wishes – Part One (PM Money Matters Friday, 12 February 2016) – Unlike Mr. Paul Gambles right now, I could see a bright future for the whole world if the right attitude could ever prevail; it relies on green energy and bio technology. Maybe like elephants and tigers, the human race is at a tipping point if we don’t stop plundering the planet for personal gain, and become its true guardians instead?

There are huge areas of the world that could be reclaimed now, like the Sahara for instance, using solar power and bio technology to harness its potential wealth.

The super rich are holding the world to ransom, they’re a vile cancer that should be cut out; no one has the right to be a billionaire, let alone a multi billionaire; there should be a limit on personal wealth.

Right now here in Thailand I’m happy for my bank to do my investing for me, and I’m happy with the rate of interest I’m getting on my savings.

Phil Fletcher