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Re: Streetwalker drugs, robs German tourist (PM Friday, 09 November 2012) – There are easy ways to prevent such robberies from happening to you and your friends. If you live here for any length of time, you will quickly realize that these drugging/robbery attacks happen often here.

Rule 1: Only wives and girlfriends are allowed in our real rooms, whether that be an apartment, home, or hotel.

Rule 2: Before you go out to pick up a “short time partner”, remove all expensive items from your body. Leave your room with only a small amount of cash, and take your less than 900 THB phone for emergencies, not your smartphone (if your smart)!

Rule 3: Ask one of your friends to take a picture of your and your “new friend” before moving onto Rule 4.

Rule 4: Your new short time friends are only invited into short-time rooms – they exist for your protection – use them!

If she is still stupid enough to drug you, get down to Soi 9 immediately with your friend from Rule 3. We need these criminals jailed, then deported from Pattaya. The police may be able to help apprehend them, and that is why a high quality picture is very helpful. This should be obvious, but for the record, do not ever tell, show, or discuss where you actually live with a short time liaison.

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  • JT

    5 Do not indulge in prostitution, which is illegal here

  • Andrew Clayton

    Police Corruption.
    After 25 using my uk driving licence, the latest police scam is fining visitors for not having an International licence – with of course the option to pay cash to the officer in return for no ticket. This happened to me today at the police box half way down Jomtien promenade. Nasty taste in the mouth.
    Andrew Clayton
    Windermere UK

  • JT…did you marry one!