Spin too much, get dizzy



Re: Pheu Thai party demands review of assets seizure order (PM September 26, 2016) – Demanding can be counter-productive when you don’t have the power to make the other party comply with your demands. How could the NCPO be against the rice-pledging scheme? The NCPO did not even exist when the scheme was initiated, and it might not have even come into existence if the rice pledging scheme had not been such a fiscal disaster. To a great extent the NCPO owes its life to the scheme.

All the NCPO wanted to do was make sure the unpaid farmers got paid what was promised, and recoup the lost money that rightfully belongs to the taxpayers.

When you spin too much, you get dizzy and fall down, and the prone position is not very conducive to standing for office in next year’s elections.

A web search for worth indicates that big brother has about 57 billion baht, so repayments of the fake G2G sale of 20 billion and the penalty of 35.5 billion will leave him 1.5 billion, and that’s a lot of money…ask any man making B300 a day.

Howie M