Spend the big bucks or stay home



Re: Time to clean up bus station taxis (PM Mailbag January 20, 2017) So, I should take it up with Italian authorities that I felt overcharged in Naples at the train station at 4:00 a.m. when he was the only taxi there? Here is a simple point. These drivers wait a long time when they could be collecting fares thus they deserve a full taxi and a price premium.

Now, when I saw Russians years ago directing things at the bus station I did feel that was pretty suspicious. They have departed.

100 baht, less than three American dollars and you are on vacation anyway? Spend the big bucks or stay home. If you are hard up walk across Sukhumvit and take a bus to Pattaya South Road and then South Road to 2nd Road. I had oldies complain that baht buses used to be five baht. “What did petrol cost way back then?”