Scooters not allowed on freeway



Re: Motorcycle accidents kill an average of 15 Thai youths every 10 days (PM September 22, 2016) – I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport on a Friday at 10 pm, in Oct 2015. A driver from my Jomtien Guest House picked me up and we headed off to Pattaya, via Hwy 7. We saw 100’s of Thai youths riding scooters along Hwy 7 and access roads on either side. The driver told me that small scooters aren’t allowed on the freeway. No police were anywhere that I could see. Few of the riders or passengers wore helmets. Just another Friday night in Pattaya.


  • Petesie

    They ride between the Police and the tolls; an education program and national advertising is required to get the message home; the anti smoking one shown in the cinema’s gets it across very well, more of the same is required for general road safety.

  • Chris

    If you had seen police it would most likely have only been to pick up a few THB by stopping and ‘fining’ these people.