Satellite television in Thailand



If you have noticed that Thai satellite television in Thailand is showing more and more commercials lately, interrupting programs to air paid advertising, that most if not all programs are starting later and later, and there is far too much repetition of movies and programs, you are not alone.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has approved True Visions (TV) to show 6 minutes of paid commercials an hour. But TV is now airing up to 10+ minutes of advertising an hour, in blatant violation of the ruling by NBTC.

One wise man recently wrote in a letter to the editor of this fine newspaper that the satellite television monopoly in Thailand is, by buying one of the lowest priced tier packages from their providers and over charging very high subscription fees from their subscribers, is the biggest rip off in Thailand today.

If you think that TV should be not allowed to show so many commercials an hour, or even better – zero, as this company receives a lot of income from both subscribers as well as from ads in their monthly magazine, and that subscribers should not have to pay to watch paid advertisements – you are not alone.

And if you want to phone Khun Sriituta or associates at NBTC at phone # 1200, and/or True Visions at phone # 027257575 to complain about commercials on satellite television, getting a higher quality tiered programming from their provider to better subscribers’ satisfaction, and about these exorbitantly priced subscription fees, you are not alone in this either – there are many unhappy subscribers just like you who are calling both to complain.

Respectfully submitted by –

Sir William of Doodadshire