SAS book report unfair to Rommel



Your article published on 30 September (“UK’s SAS offers rare details of secret missions,” by David Stringer, Associated Press) is a true insult to the memory of a soldier who made his duty with loyalty and great competence even though he was in the wrong.

Erwin Rommel was a shrewd strategist and able commander recognizable also by the enemy of the time.

The article written by an arrogant young in U.K. is full of mistakes.  The guy should not make use of inane words as “infamous Nazi”.  Rommel was adversary to the ideology of Hitler from the very beginning but he made his obligation.

This columnist should study with care the story of SAS consulting a US library.

At the very beginning SAS was a hotchpotch of ex cons and desperate people with nothing to lose.  Only in the WW2 the soldiers became a regular Army unit.

Pattaya Mail should be more unbiased.