Rubbish on Jomtien Beach Road



Every evening the rubbish bins are overflowing in the main Jomtien tourist area, causing not only a poor sight but also a bad smell. Also the pavement needs some thorough clean up on regular intervals. In this way the beautiful renovated Beach Road gives a very poor sight.

Henk Hauer

  • Robert

    Obviously you have never traveled to any other city during it’s high season. No city can plan adequately for a surge one time per year. The same thing happens in Palm Beach Florida and Miami Beach dear sir. Further the area restaurants could easily fill the trash bins (and beyond) following their closings. No one knows! Trash pickup is at 7:00AM in this area. Were you there at that time? I am sure it was cleaned then.

  • J West Hardin

    There’s been a contract lapse between service providers and the city. A new garbage pick up service may be months in the making. And yes, there are garbage strikes and other calamities in other places…..but.. in the meantime might I suggest a clothes pin on your nose until leadership prevails and dare think of those spicy rat kebabs served piping hot , 20 baht a skewer , washed down with that famous bootleg, relabeled brand beer fresh from the back soi brewery….or an imported Yala whiskey blend..A look at my quality Lolex watch and I see it’s time to punt. T.I.T.

  • Fred Flinstone

    I am sure you left home for these shores for a variety of reasons. What you like here enjoy. What you don’t like you must overlook. “Mai Pen Rai.”

  • Robert