Rommel letter makes the blood boil



The letter from PR (Nov 4-11 issue) makes the blood boil in anger and is an absolute outrage. He obviously knows nothing about the history of the SAS or Nazism and if he thinks General Rommel was not an infamous Nazi, he should go quietly into the next world. Yes, Rommel was a clever general who in the end was put firmly in his place by Monty.

To call the original SAS a hotchpotch of ex-cons defies logic and I suggest to PR he shouts that out in any pub in Hereford. Rest assured he would risk being garroted on the spot.

The SAS was formed by patriotic Scotsman Col David Stirling (DSO) who originally got together a brave bunch of guys around 1941 who fought the Nazis mostly behind enemy lines. They were not desperate people as PR suggests but devoted to defeating Germany on behalf of King and country.

PR, you check your history books – and in future get your facts right. Unfair to Rommel? I suggest you stop watching fictitious movies like The Dirty Dozen who are not remotely connected to the SAS.

John Dee (England)