Put off by bare chests


It is a low-high tourist season in Pattaya, and the shirtless tourists are out again. When asked why so many Russian men think it is ok to bare themselves on the streets, stores, and in post offices, one Russian lady said, “In our country they dress properly, but when they come to Pattaya something changes.” What changes? If they have civility in dress properly in their country, why do they run half naked here? We are guests in Thailand. Get some class and wear a shirt in public!

Humbly submitted by:
Sir William of Doodadshire

  • Ted Partridge

    just as bad are the obscene bags of fat that hang out from snow white europeans parading around like wannabe mr universes.they cant do it at home,but when youre a two week millionaire,you can do anything you desire ,offending locals and others..must be that unfamiliar sunshine or something.

    • Dana

      I agree with this naked in public issue but endorsing legislation against it makes me nervous because I do not want Thailand to become Singapore

  • Robert

    I believe you are missing the point. They are all fine representatives of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. They want to be anyway…..and it is hard to be shirtless in Vladivostok.

  • le chef

    English as well, but I support them in their attempt to hold back the pace of change in Pattaya