Progress is shameful



Re: Another paradise lost (PM Friday, 09 November 2012) – Having first visited Pattaya back in May 1984, I have been amazed at the destruction of the area. I went to Koh Larn by long tail boat and was greeted with a completely empty, pristine beach (no sheds, deck chairs, vendors etc). I was so impressed I took photos which I still have. Back in Jomtien, the beach was at least 50 metres wide. Again, no vendors, deck chairs, umbrellas, etc. Just a little shack at the back of the beach selling som tam. Amazing (Thailand) that it only took 27 years to completely mess up what took 1000’s of years to create. I now live at Sam Roi Yod Beach, which is similar to how Pattaya was all those years ago. Shame!

Steve Thompson

  • Dana

    All issues of degradation and pollution and corruption and crime are derivatives of too many people. Solve the ‘too many people’ problem and other happy results will follow.