Police crack down on noisy vehicles


Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read the article in this week’s Pattaya Mail that “Pattaya Police are cracking down on noisy vehicles.” It progressively gets worse every year.  I was not pleased, however, to read at the end of the article that the “official crackdown period ended April 29.”  The numerous muffler shops along Sukhumvit Road would probably have petitioned the police to have the crackdown period ended.

An even greater and horrendous noise offence in Pattaya is this plague by young thugs installing huge speakers and amplifiers in the back of their pickup trucks and parking at night in residential areas playing their loud music well into 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning.  Last night it ended at about 04:30.  It is so loud around Bali Hai pier road and up next to Royal Cliff Garden Condominium and Sheraton Hotel that it is impossible to sleep.  Why don’t they just put on earphones to listen to their music and let the rest of us sleep?  Where are the police to control and eliminate this noisy plague?

RCG George