Perpetuating myth serves no purpose



Re: Rude and disrespectful Thais (Mailbag, Friday, 12 October 2012) – “There isn’t a single Thai who works or lives here who hasn’t had a bad experience with a farang.” Complete nonsense and perpetuating this myth serves no purpose. But what if it was true? Would the Thais be able to learn from the experience? Would they be able to gather the data and reach useful conclusions? I propose that your 32 years have taught you nothing. Oh, and by the way; I am a farang and I am special. Another concept beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend. There are many other countries where the natives are more ignorant and more violent and more rude than the Thais, but once you reach a certain baseline it does not matter.


  • Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

    Aloha Dana

    I so agree with you, I have witnessed more times then I wish, a Farang being a total dickhead to a Thai, that’s doing their best to understand what ever language the Farang is speaking.
    Here we are in their country, taking advantage of the lifestyle.
    Being treated most of the time with a lot more respect then what we were getting where ever we came from, I have also seen Farangs being polite and getting same in return.
    I find there are way to many Farangs, that left what patience and manners, they might have learned, back home.
    Some Farangs think, just because they might have more baht, it makes them better (NOT)
    We get what we give, give kindness, have patience and get same also try to understand the misunderstandings.
    What may seem rude or disrespectful to a Farang, could just be the normal way Thai’s act, adjust, consider it a test on how you handle your temper, cha,cha,cha…

  • Colin Ridd

    Thais and farangs are equally polite and as equally ignorant as each other in my opinion.. There are good and bad people whichever country your are from. Be polite and be patient is the best policy.
    Politeness can be wasted on some people.

    I was long time member of a 5 star resorts gym.
    One day I was walking through the hotel on the way to the gym. About 20 yards behind me were 2 Thai women. One was daddy’s clammed up princess and the other the conservatively attired mother. Having been brought up correctly, on a treat others as you would like to be done by basis. I held back and got the double swing doors for them…
    I got no thanks, no eye contact was made, in short they totally ignored what I had just done for them. Still ahead, I said nothing and moved on to the second set of swing doors 30 yards away.
    Suffice to say I did not repeat my kindness towards them.

    Some people are just ignorant, plain and simple.
    Always try to make the effort to be pleasant, if it’s a wasted exercise don’t repeat your kindness..

    Happy chappy