Pattaya turning point


Dear Editor,

Having considered this issue at length, we would like to recommend that the new U-turn on Sukhumvit between Pattaya Nua and Pattaya Klang be built beneath the Highway 7 overpass, as far south as possible, i.e. as soon as the height of the overpass permits.

A U- turn at this location will offer minimal disruption to other traffic, as a lot of traffic will be on the overpass above.  Also, the lights at the end of Highway 7 will create breaks in the traffic flow, which turning traffic can take advantage of.

Further, minimal roadworks will be required, as the drainage at this location is not required.  Other locations will probably require extensive drainage works.

A further advantage is that this is the highest point on the road, so some (small) energy savings will occur as energy is not wasted on unnecessary braking, which would occur were the turn be located at a lower elevation.


Jan Chris & Stuart Saunders (Pattaya Progress Association)